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Oct 2017

Yoga in your balcony

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If there’s one exercise that is healthy, relaxing and can be done just about anywhere, it’s Yoga. The formalised practice started 5000 years ago, but earlier mentions in texts of Indus valley civilization say that Yoga is at least 10,000 years old. Yoga brings a union of the physical, mental and spiritual self. Yoga gives the body flexibility, fitness, regulates body function and is healthy for the brain. So, it’s little wonder that people from all over the world have added Yoga to their daily life.

Why you should practise Yoga

1. You can learn Yoga from the comfort of your home

There are a slew of yoga tutorials, and instructors who will be more than happy to engage with you online. Yoga Journal and Strala at Home are a few among instructional yoga videos which you can subscribe to online. Many of them are free, whereas some require a fee before you access the detailed video.

2. All you need is a mat

Yoga is driven by your body, which becomes the equipment. This is a fitness activity that you can do on a mat in your balcony, or in an airy corner of your home. If you feel like you need the guidance of a teacher, there are contact classes that you can attend to learn and clarify techniques. This is so that there aren’t any major flaws in your asnas, and you can then continue practising at home.

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3. Ideal for weight loss and daily life

Ashtanga is a form of Yoga that is physically challenging and helps one lose weight. Whereas Hatha yoga works for flexibility and postural correction. You’ll find that Yoga is much more than exercise and fitness. It helps regulate your breathing, posture and increases your overall strength. This in turn, helps in managing stress of daily life and achieve mental balance.


4. Long term fitness

Your body learns from what you do regularly. Yoga sets a rhythm for your mental and physical self. People who practise Yoga have lesser chances of getting heart diseases, asthma, schizophrenia and even cancer, common studies suggest.


5. Healthy mind

Autoimmune diseases, anxiety and other mental disturbances are attributed to the stress of challenges in academia, professional circle or just disturbances that one faces in life. Yoga as a regular practice helps in increasing endorphin levels and reduces the stress hormone cortisol. These are movements that are based in science and have stood the test of time, owing to their effectiveness.

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Yoga is now a popular activity, and with good reason. It is a way of living and helps you have a conscious relationship with your body. If you find yourself really liking Yoga, you can even train to be a Yoga teacher from certified programs. If you’ve had any life enhancing experience with Yoga, please let us know in the comments box.

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