Why Do We Call Our Apartments Luxury Homes?

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Luxury, as a term, gets thrown around a lot. From face creams to sportscars, every segment offers a luxury product for the discerning buyer. In this blog we’d like to discuss luxury homes and the evolving notion in a modern context.

At Appaswamy, we aim to elevate our resident’s lifestyle at every single property. A true luxury home, in our opinion, is one that brings the world to the residents, so they can focus their attention and energy on strengthening family bonds, making friends, and exploring the world.

The Luxury of Comfort

Comfort is the most important aspect of luxury. Right from the location of the property, to the amenities included, our luxury homes in Chennai are curated based on the lifestyle we want our residents to enjoy. For instance, many of our recent projects include a private movie theatre, an enchanting banquet hall and a tree-lined walking track. At Azure The Oceanic, our project at Santhome, we kicked things up a notch (quite a few notches actually) with an olympic-sized swimming pool. 

Upping the Game

Often, the definition of luxury is fluid and subject to change. To stay on top of our game, we redefine luxury with all our properties in Chennai. At Azure, we’re creating the epitome of ocean-front living with 360º views of the city and the sea. Every apartment is fitted with frameless Alumil windows that give residents an unobtrusive view while still maintaining optimal indoor temperature. The apartments also come with an expansive private patio for residents to kick back and enjoy the view. 

Going Beyond World-Class

At Azure, we also wanted to give our residents a home akin to staycation resorts abroad. From pristine white Volakas marble flooring to top-of-the-range kitchen appliances from Miele, Azure apartments are fitted with fixtures from the best brands available in the world. The communal spaces are both functional and utterly aesthetic. While the club house is fitted with the most beautiful, olympic-sized swimming pool, the Seashell Pavilion is the place to perfect your ocean breath.

Luxury Homes #2

Privacy at A Touch

All our residential projects have an access-controlled entryway with boom barriers and a security guard to ensure the privacy of our residents. We also ensure round-the-clock CCTV surveillance in the public areas of our properties. However, Azure homeowners have complete control over who visits their apartment thanks to access-controlled elevators and a personal landing corridor. Residents can also control the high-tech security system installed in the parking lane, the elevator and the front door with a few taps on their smartphone.

Now that’s what we mean by luxury homes. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below?

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