Why choose a duplex apartment over a regular flat?

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With multiple floors within a regular flat, duplex apartments are the benchmark for luxury apartments in Chennai! In an overcrowded city where real estate is always at a premium, duplex apartments in Chennai such as the Sky Mansion and Sky Estates at Azure The Oceanic are a great alternative to owning an independent home or a villa. Here are a few reasons why.

Feels Like A Bungalow, Works Like An Apartment

Regular apartments can be cute and compact, but might feel like a tight squeeze sometimes. While standard 2BHKs are perfect for nuclear families, several South Indian homes also house grandparents. It can be tricky to fit everyone into a tiny space in these cases. However, with two or more floors, duplex apartments in Chennai feel utterly airy and spacious.

Enhanced Privacy

With two floors at your disposal, it’s easier to segregate the home — entertaining spaces such as the living and dining areas downstairs, and private rooms on the upper level. This offers a heightened level of privacy since you can easily section off the second floor while you are hosting parties. At Azure, we’ve taken it to the next level by making sure every apartment has an access-controlled private elevator that takes people straight into their apartment. Yes! The elevator lobby is inside your home. Say goodbye to people loitering too close for comfort!

Easier Maintenance

Villas or independent homes usually need constant repairs and maintenance. It is your responsibility to get trusted contractors and ensure the repairs are done properly. However, in the case of apartments, the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) organises a dedicated maintenance team to regularly inspect and maintain the property.

Luxurious Amenities

Most duplex apartments in Chennai are located in high-end skyscrapers that are jam-packed with the best amenities money can buy. At Azure, we’ve designed the home to give every homeowner a view of the city or the sea in nearly every room. Our homeowners have access to a clubhouse that includes facilities such as a fully-fitted gym, an extensive game room, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Check out this blog post to learn more about these ultra-luxury apartments in Chennai.

Ready for your next luxury apartment in Chennai?

Your home at Azure The Oceanic is almost ready! You can start living this dream life as early as March 2021. 


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