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Dainty. Bella Donna. Passive. Sensuous. Those were the heavy stereotypes thrown at her. But gone are the days when people associated these words with women.

Fearless. Enterprising. Resilient. Ingenious. Dynamic. She’s the successful entrepreneur who’s making history. With International Women’s Day just around the corner, here are a few women entrepreneurs excelling in a plethora of fields, ranging from self-made bakers, and flamboyant fashionistas, to social workers – these women are changing the world!

Shivani Patel, Arture Design

Unfazed, unflappable, calm, and collected…that is Shivani Patel, Founder of Arture Design, a sustainable vegan fashion brand that deals with merchandising bags and accessories, made from the best quality cork and cultivated straight from the Mediterranean.

A melange of sustainability and fashion, the brand produces a range of beautifully crafted accessories that are the perfect companion for anyone who wants to blend their sense of style and their passion to conserve Mother Earth.

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy & Namrata Sundaresan, Käse Cheese

There is nowhere else you would find fluffy ricotta, smooth cream cheese, soft mozzarella, and crumbly feta alongside cheese rubbed with milagai podi, cheddar with Malabar peppercorns, and gouda aged with sumac and qatar. You name it, they have it. Käse Cheese is an artisanal cheese company started by Anuradha and Namrata, and is an initiative to locally produce ‘clean’ (unprocessed, and without preservatives) fresh cheese.

What began as a way to address the lack of fresh, affordable, healthy cheese in local supermarkets, has become a household name in Chennai today. The company also trains people with disabilities in the art of cheese making, thereby combining fabricating food and fighting for a cause at the same time.

Sahar Mansoor, Bare Necessities

Devoted environmentalist and Founder of Bare Necessities is Sahar Mansoor, a vibrant woman with a conscious lifestyle. Currently living a zero-waste lifestyle, Sahar believes in sticking to the goal of sustainability.

Bare Necessities creates products that care for the environment as much as they care for you. Sahar not only promotes this, but also makes it a point to run an all-women enterprise, which serves as a platform for growth and empowerment.

Neelam Jain, Periferry

Striving for a social cause is Neelam Jain of Periferry, a social inclusion start-up, working for the upliftment of the transgender community. With the help of Periferry, transgenders and women, belonging to the minorities, get a chance to have their voices heard, and benefit from employment opportunities where they not only find an identity, but also a workplace with empathy and emotional intelligence.

“I see a world of endless possibilities and truly believe that we can do well and do good at the same time” says Neelam, who (true to her company’s name) fishes out those pushed to the periphery and brings them to the limelight.

Vandhana Ramanathan & Jinal Patel, W Square

Introducing India’s first ever co-working and incubation center for women, are Vandhana and Jinal, Founders of W Square. The center is a collaborative workspace that provides a space for women who want to work independently, or are looking for an alternative to working from home.

Fully equipped with the basic necessities required for women from all walks of life, W Square provides the ideal work environment for budding entrepreneurs, pregnant women, and even new mothers.

Ritika Ravi, IVAR

It’s true when they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, diamonds are definitely this girl’s best friend. The charming and cosmopolitan Ritika Ravi is the founder of IVAR, a jewelry brand that was ‘born in India and launched in the Maldives’.

She combines her knowledge of fashion from the London College of Fashion with that of her innate lifestyle, and brings to life the most exotic blend of dazzle and diva. IVAR specializes in handcrafted customized jewellery that leaves one spellbound and wanting for more.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

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