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Waterfront Homes – A Booming Investment

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For many, buying a luxury apartment in Chennai is a dream come true, especially when it is a waterfront property. These are typically dearer than in-land properties, since they check almost every box on a homeowner’s checklist – the stunning views, the tranquility, and most importantly, the lifestyle that comes with it. 

But, that is not all! Here’s why waterfront homes are extremely popular and continue to be in demand. 

Stay Close to Nature

Clover by the River, Kotturpuram

Waking up to a view of the Bay of Bengal, or the serene Adyar River, with a cup of coffee in hand, never goes out of vogue. The evening sea breeze provides much-needed relief from the heat, and the natural sunlight helps you cut down on energy consumption. It is almost like living on an eternal vacation in the middle of the city, with access to everything, minus the pollution.

Access to Water

Azure the Oceanic, Santhome

Staying closer to water bodies maintains underground water levels. This, in-turn ensures access to free-flowing water. Almost all premium apartments in Chennai have water treatment plants, judicial rainwater harvesting lines, and individual meters to track consumption.

Great Return on Investment 

Since waterfront properties are more scarce than in-land homes, the property value is always higher than in other parts of the city. Their value depreciates slower, and they tend to have excellent resale value. Rental prices for such homes are also lucrative, as demand is always high. 

Activities at Your Doorstep 

There is no dearth of entertainment when you live by the water. From a peaceful walk on the beach to easy access to great restaurants and clubs, you do not have to travel too far. Everything that the city has to offer is a stone’s throw away, including heritage locations, multiplexes, malls, and more. 

Social Community

It is said that staying close to water bodies has a positive effect on people. Research shows that people are generally happier, calmer, and much more productive. This is evident in interactions with others in the community. 

Additionally, if you believe in Feng Shui, surrounding yourself with the water element brings wealth and luck. 

Although buying flats in Chennai is a rather sizeable commitment, purchasing a waterfront property can be a wise and healthy investment for years to come.

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