Jul 2020

Unexpectedly Simple Productivity Tips for Working from Home

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As the whole world is coming to grips with the reality of working from home long term, some of us still struggle to separate work-time from the comfort and distractions our homes offer. The key challenge is in being efficient! We want to share a few key productivity tips for working at home that our team has picked up over the past few months.

Productivity Tips for Working from Home #1: Regular Working Hours

With working hours becoming more flexible, you may be tempted to get to work when you feel like, and chill when you don’t. From fresh, tasty coffee to rewatching your favourite episode of Friends for the 100th time, distractions are endless when you’re at home. Time management and a strict schedule are the first steps to being efficient and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Productivity Tips for Working from Home #2: Stay Out of Bed

When you’re working from home and the deadline looms close and closer, it’s all too easy to work right until you fall asleep. But, studies prove that the bright light from your laptop and phone hinders melatonin production, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. Therefore, keeping your work away from the bed can promote better sleep and also segregate your work hours and regular life. If you want a change of scenery, try working from the communal lounge or outdoor park in our apartments in Chennai.

Productivity Tips for Working from Home #3: Set Micro Deadlines

Seeing the progress you make is one way to keep the momentum going. However, when working on large projects, the deadlines tend to be weeks or months away. Therefore, break it down till the smallest possible task and set your to-do list accordingly. Checking them off one by one will give you a dopamine boost that can help your productivity levels skyrocket.

Productivity Tips for Working from Home #4: Water Cooler Convo

More often than not, we’re missing not really missing the office, just the few minutes of water cooler conversations with your coworkers. Try to spend 5 minutes before a meeting chatting about how your team is doing. Or, you could take out 30 minutes in a week just to have a chill, relaxed conversation with a few of your colleagues.

Productivity Tips for Working from Home #5: Workday Self-Care

From cleaning up your workspace to a weekly mani/pedi session at home, every little act of self-care can go a long way in rejuvenating our energy levels and preventing a burn out. Try putting up a vision board by your desk. Your self-care routine can be something as simple as taking your lunch away from your desk. The shaded walking tracks in our apartments in Chennai have benches nearby that allow you to work and enjoy fresh air at the same time. 

Those are our productivity tips for working from home. Have you tried out any of them? What else are you doing to keep your productivity levels high? Comment below and let us know.

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