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The thought of Indian festivals immediately conjures up images of vivid colours, traditional attires, heaps of good food, and family. At Appaswamy’s gated communities, we return to our roots during every festive season. Neighbours become family, food and laughter flow freely, and communal harmony is in the air.

Organization simplified

We have all been part of WhatsApp groups created to coordinate event plans. And we’ve all felt the exasperation that comes with finalizing the events, timings and venue. In Appaswamy’s gated communities, your special events are in safe hands. The Resident Association takes care of all the necessary planning so you and your loved ones can simply enjoy the festivities without getting caught up in the details. All you have to do is show up, and maybe bring dessert (because who can say no to something sweet).  

Venue dilemma 

All our gated communities have several spaces for residents to come together and celebrate. Our banquet halls also have kitchens to eclectically display all the delicacies. This makes them the perfect backdrop for a good time with a ridiculously short commute. Our gated communities have all the makings of a perfect festive day – start off with a private puja at home, and meet up for joint community celebrations. You can unwind later in the day at our community pool, or catch up on your favourite movies at the private theatre.

Party doesn’t have to end 

“At Prime Terrace, we had a beautiful and like-minded community as dear to us as our own family. Everyone had a gala time, particularly during festivals like Diwali and Navratri when people came together to participate in skits and dance parties”, shares Ms. Rajeshwari, a homeowner at Splendour.

The party isn’t over when the celebrations end though! With your friends literally a door away, you can continue the festivities well into the night.

Do you want to be part of the Appaswamy gated community? Contact us to tour our available properties today!

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