Apr 2021

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Home Gardens More Sustainable

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Now more than ever, our society has grown to become more conscious about our living spaces. We seek out ways to make the sustainability of our planet an everyday part of our lifestyle. One such way is by creating gardens at our own home. Home gardens are definitely the right way forward, but just like in every other aspect of life, there is always room for improved sustainability efforts here as well. Below are a few ways you can maintain a sustainable garden from the comfort of Appaswamy home.

Basic Home Garden Set up

Setting up a sustainable home garden is quite simple. To start off, you’ll be needing a nice and airy space, bright natural lighting, organic materials, and compost. Balconies, window sills, open utility areas, veranda, long window bays are some of the commonly sought-after spots for a home garden. 

Now that you know the basics of home gardening, let’s focus on making it more sustainable!

  • Use Native Plants

Plants that are native to your region are much more likely to thrive in the local climate rather than ones sourced from elsewhere. These native plants will also not require special attention and care as the local soil contains the nutrients they require. This is why Altezza, our new apartments in OMR, is going to be full of local, perennial flowering plants such as Petunia, Begonia and many more. 

  • Natural Lighting

Properties in Chennai


With apartment culture dominating the cities, the need for urban farming cannot be emphasised enough. However, the problem with apartments is the lack of sunlight. Every one of Appaswamy’s properties in Chennai is carefully designed for better lighting and good cross ventilation. From spacious balconies at Altezza, bay windows at Clover, and long private patios in Azure; you can easily set up your home garden and take a step towards sustainable living. In fact, at Azure, you can even bring your garden indoors as the thermally insulated Alumil windows ensure that the plants receive plenty of sunlight without having to suffer the hot and humid Chennai weather.

  • Recycling water

Water is one of the most precious natural resources and one that is unique to our planet. You can set up home gardens to use water conservatively. For instance, your home garden could consist exclusively of plants that consume little water such as succulents and microgreens. But, at an Appaswamy home, life is a lot easier for you. The water treatment plants set up at Altezza directly waters the lots allocated for urban farming, so you can grow the plants you desire without wasting resources. 

These are just a few ways in which you can incorporate sustainable home gardening practices within your Appaswamy apartments in Chennai

Are you now ready to get-set-gardening?

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