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Things to do in Chennai this weekend

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Mystery Rooms

Source: LBB/Mystery Rooms

Mystery rooms in Nungambakkam bring novelty and thrill to Chennai’s entertainment scene. You can take your friends and family to execute, experience and enjoy nail biting escapes, investigations and heists.

Sounds fun, you think, but where’s the challenge? The ticking clock that slowly winds down will have you on edge!

Become a true detective – uncover secrets behind mysterious killings in cursed woods; plot your prison break out of a brutal jail; encounter the paranormal in an exciting adventure inside the ruins of a historic fort; execute a grand robbery of the coveted Kohinoor diamond from a highly secured London museum, and much more.

Unleash the adventurer in you with a range of experiences across your favourite themes.

Salty Bone Divers

Source: LBB

Do you want to get in touch with nature? How about exploring the ocean and its abundant marine life from barracuda to sharks and dolphins?

With Salty Bone Divers, you can snorkel and dive into the amazing wreck of Deccan Pioneer, a cement laden Cargo ship which sank in the year 1978 near the coast of Chennai. Their trial dives for newbies and fun dives for experts encourage more people to begin their underwater adventures and engage with the aquatic world. Salty Bone Divers also have a number of scuba diving courses for children and adults at beginner and advanced levels.

Chaos Entertainment

Source: LBB/Chaos Entertainment

For the gamers and sports enthusiasts in town, both real and virtual, Chaos Entertainment is the place to be. With an uber cool console gaming centre, it is a dream come true for the gaming fraternity. You can play COD, DOTA, FIFA 17, other VR games, and more while bonding with kindred spirits in the best of facilities.

You can also enjoy screenings of big IPL and EPL matches with your family, or laser tag your frenemies at Chaos.

For the hardcore footballers out there, there are tournaments to prove your mettle. They also have a FIFA certified football turf with sidelines, goal posts, locker rooms, and a cafeteria to make sporting a great experience.

Sofar Sounds

Started in 2016 in Chennai, Sofar Sounds organizes secret gigs for the musically inclined. Entry to the gigs are invite only, and the venue and lineup are revealed just 30 hours before the event.

Source: Sofar Chennai

Opening up the music scene for fresh talents, Sofar Sounds allows artists to experiment and play unconventional sets. For example, at the 16th edition of the event earlier this year, Yazhi, a Chennai based neo-carnatic band performed the popular theme songs of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, delighting the audience with their favourite tunes. The intimate space and ethos make room for you to interact with the artist.

Transforming everyday spaces like cafes and retail shops, Sofar Sounds creates an immersive musical experience where you can explore new music and meet interesting people.

Surf Turf

Source: LBB/Surf Turf

Surf Turf at Kovalam has a number of fun beach activities for children and adults to enjoy. As the name evidently suggests, you can take surfing, stand up paddling or kayaking lessons with the best surfers in the country or sit, back and take in the view of the peaceful beach life.

If fish catch your fancy, you can ride along with a local fishing crew and learn the techniques to catch prawns, parala, mai mai, and even anchovies. Or, simply go on a fun and easy catamaran ride into the sea with your friends and family.

With bed and breakfasts, and yoga classes, Surf Turf does it all to help you unwind over a quiet weekend.

What are your favourite things to do in Chennai? Tell us in the comments below.

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