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There are two sides to every summer

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Summer is almost here, and we are at that sweet spot – a crossover between the embracing chill of the tamil month of Thai and the piping hot rays of March. Ripe for nostalgia…ah, the summers of childhood. Gully cricket matches, lazy summer afternoons full of misadventures, juicy mangoes aplenty, cartoon network marathons, evening dips in the beach, and those occasional trips to a hill station.

Here’s hoping that we make it this summer, sound and super, with some stories to tell.

A mango celebration

This June, taste more than 500 varieties of mangoes from different states in India, at the International Mango Festival organized by Delhi Tourism. Savor your favorites out of Banganpalli, Langda, Dussehri, Alphonso, Neelam, Bombay Green, and many more. That’s not all. You can rejoice and participate in mango eating contests, quizzes, and mango folk performances, too! There are also competitions for mango growers. Don’t miss this festival of colours, fragrances, and tasteful songs.

Beat the heat

Get yourself a cool bowl of ice-apple, popularly known as nungu, (palmyra palm fruit) from local street side vendors. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and fruit juices. Make cucumbers, coconut water, and watermelons a part of your daily regime.

It doesn’t take a lot to go from a glorious sun tan to damaging sunburn. So, remember sunscreens as you head out for the day.

Be a spectator to this celestial wedding

Chithirai festival, celebrated between April and May, marks the marriage of goddess Meenakshi of Madurai with Lord Sundareshwara. The story goes that, in the month of Chithirai, Lord Vishnu, aka Kallazhagar of Azhagarmalai, and brother of Meenakshi, traveled down to Madurai to give off his sister in marriage to Sundareshwara or Lord Shiva. Hoards of crowds throng Madurai every year to reenact this event, revel in the Chithirai celebrations, and enjoy the local food and art. With decorated processions, fairs, fun rides and food stalls, it is one extravagant affair. Do take part in this lively spiritual tradition this year.

Summer reading

Find a cool poolside or a cozy hammock by the beach and settle for a good read. Pick a theme for the summer and set yourself a reading challenge on Goodreads.  Here is a reading list to survive the summer heat, and a worthy compilation of some other interesting books to look forward to this year.

And a little bit for our Earth

It’s been a good three years since the north-east monsoon paid us a memorable visit. The impending water crisis calls for us to expend a little more care towards water conservation.

Recycle grey water from sinks, showers, and washing machines using simple, eco-friendly economical methods.  Direct the water from air conditioners into your garden or ground water stores. Do your bit to save water.

All that said, let’s make the most of this summer with just the right balance of fun, frolic and forethought

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