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Old Mahabalipuram Road is synonymous with growth, and progress. What was the only course to blue seas and road trips just a couple of decades ago, OMR is now a citadel of corporate dreams and fascinating lifestyles. Homes along the OMR stretch reflect the bustle of life, with vehicles hustling and people brimming with purpose.

Space for everyone

 Splendour, OMR

For those who wish to unwind and untangle from the humdrum of Chennai, OMR is a haven to relax by the beach, go jogging with your spouse, or play fetch with your dog. A world in itself, living by the OMR puts you in touch with various leisure activities for the body and mind that you don’t often come across – especially after a long day at work. With several new apartments in OMR being gated communities, forging communal relationships with the neighbours and the larger community ensures safe and harmonious living. 

Infrastructure & Connectivity

With the IT corridor stretching for miles, the landscape of the suburb has now transformed to house varied amenities, that are relished by the several thousands of families who live along the corridor. From budget eateries to fancy restaurants, window shopping to club-hopping, state-of-the-art malls to banquet halls, and hospitals with world-class facilities, OMR is a confluence of several lifestyles, entertainment, culture, and tradition. Among several properties in Chennai, one can find convenience and connectivity in OMR like nowhere else. With top schools and colleges focussing on OMR for furthering education, there is more localisation and space for children to move around. With several modes of public transport systems, connectivity has never been better to and from OMR.  

A matter of convenience

Information disseminates quickly owing to the dynamic audience spread  across the length and breadth of the suburb. To stay on top of their game, every establishment, big or small, puts their best foot forward in terms of service or products they offer. New apartments in OMR ensure that safety and security is a part of their blueprint, along with quintessential luxury. Along with these, convenience to residents takes priority as retailers and other service providers constantly fill in the gaps to make sure that the customer is happy. 

Appreciative living

OMR is booming in the real estate market for properties in Chennai. Several builders in Chennai are opting to construct properties on OMR because the quality of living is constantly on the rise. Land is continually appreciating, and a large section of the society is able to afford the property prices. 

 Splendour, OMR

A house on OMR is a fantastic investment, offering substantial long-term returns. Water and other essentials have always been in abundance. With new strategic initiatives being deployed, land appreciation along with lifestyles are only going to be on the rise on OMR. 

Our premium residential projects are the face of luxury and convenience. With so much going on here, it’s hard to ignore the callsign to experience a culturally rich and improved living.

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