The Real Estate Preferences Of Home Buyers in This New Normal

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After spending the larger part of the past two years at home, the value of personal space has increased by leaps and bounds. According to Knight Frank’s research on India’s real estate industry, there is a significant change in homebuyers’ preferences due to the pandemic. Restricted mobility has increased the emphasis on the ‘need for more green and open spaces’.

Balance contemporary life with nature

PropTiger’s study concludes that unlike the era prior to the pandemic, 45% of sales in 2020 are in the 45 lakh price segment. Spacious properties are trending right now, with most homeowners considering open spaces such as private decks or balconies an absolute ‘must-have’ in their apartment complex. Appaswamy’s properties in Chennai, such as Capella, come with an extra touch of nature in the form of rooftop gardens or landscaped gardens.

Counteract Work-From-Home Culture

Over the past year and a half, many realised that working from the couch or bed is unsustainable, and leads to bad posture and lifestyle disorders. The demand for additional space also comes with a need for flexible home layouts that are customised as needed by the family. Thus, the guest bedroom could easily become a private workspace if needed.

Exercising options

With healthy living becoming a top priority in our lives, most of the population is looking to consciously make better lifestyle choices. Thus, builders in Chennai are developing properties with a built-in gym. To take this a few leagues further, we provided the residents of Capella with alternative fitness options as well. People who prefer light exercise can take a walk around the landscaped garden. Sports enthusiasts have a basketball court on the terrace. One can also take laps around the swimming pool.

How has spending the past year and a half reshaped the way you feel about your home? Do you agree with this general consensus about shifting home requirements? Comment and let us know your thoughts.

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