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Apr 2018

The best smart devices for your home

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Want to turn your home into a “Smart Home”, but not sure if you can set it up in your apartment?

While everyone’s still getting used to the whole idea of making their home a little smarter, the number of devices that are coming up is rapidly growing. Now you can switch off the lights with the help of a voice command without having to physically be in a room, or when you want to get home to a cold room, you can do it with a push of a button! We kid you not, these are not scenes from a fictional movie but reality. Using the Internet, you can connect not only to your computers and smartphones but your daily devices as well.

Home automation may look like it is not affordable but that is not true. Setting up a lamp that turns on and off at your command is comparatively inexpensive to surveillance cameras that many people have. There are a couple of smart products that can help control stuff around your home within your budget.

Smart Bulb

Want to go completely wireless with lights in your home? Pick the Philips Hue light bulbs, it lets you control not only the intensity of the light but also the color. It works great with every other system out there like Alexa and Siri. You can enjoy both yellow and white lights according to your mood anywhere in your home. Apart from Philips smart bulbs, you can also choose LIFX bulbs. Smart light bulbs connect to the internet and allow you to control and monitor the lights from practically anywhere.

You can start by setting schedules for your light. Some Smart Lights detect your presence in a room and will turn on (by detecting your smartphone), or even when you are walking up the driveway. You can also use your Smart Lighting as an alarm. Imagine waking up to soft light, rather than a blaring alarm tone.

Smart Switches

With smart switches, your home becomes a lot more fun! They can work with conventional light fixtures and bulbs. These switches connect to the Wi-Fi network and have a wide range of functions like automating lights, sleep timer, making lights warmer or cooler throughout the day, etc.

Smart Plugs

A really good place to start when it comes to Smart Home technology is with a Smart Plug. These little devices are a similar to the timer plugs that existed in bygone days. Those old school plugs simply went into an electrical socket and allowed you to set a timer. The new Smart Plugs, sync with your home network, so you can not only set a schedule for when something turns on and off, but you can now also control and monitor it from your smartphone and other connected devices.

Smart Door Locks

An excellent security option for your home is a smart door lock. There are two types, one that goes over your existing deadbolt so it can be easily removed, while the other replaces your existing deadbolt. The main advantage of a smart door lock is the ability to let someone in remotely, which means you don’t have to go open the door every time you hear a knock. You can give people unique codes that only let them in once, or you can only allow them to enter during certain times. Additionally, some smart door locks will unlock themselves as you approach, using your phone’s Bluetooth as the Key, which means goodbye to fumbling for your keys in your pockets, when juggling bags of groceries.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats not only help you remotely switch on and off these devices, but also allow you to control the temperature. Some of these devices help you save a ton on your electricity bill

By monitoring its use, the thermostat will detect which rooms are used most, and when, and adjust temperatures to keep you comfortable at home, and at the same time minimize energy use. You can control the temperature from practically anywhere which means you can switch it on before you reach home and get to a cozy room.

When technology is combined with smart home devices your day to day life becomes easy. So tell us, what’s stopping you from turning your home into a Smart Home?

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