Sustainability in Design: Then and Now

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In eras bygone, architects had a ubiquitous tendency to draw inspiration from their surroundings. From bamboo houses in early Chinese civilization to dry stone walls in Rome, builders used locally available materials and designs that accentuated natural advantages to create sustainable architecture

Indian architecture was also heavily influenced by climate response and community living. Take the stepwell structures in Western India: they were an essential utilitarian feature, addressing water seasonality in the subcontinent. The deep stepwells provided people access to groundwater year-round, kept the building cool on the hottest days, and even doubled as a space for social and ceremonial gatherings. 

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Over the last few decades, as climate consciousness has become integral to urban living, water conservation has made a comeback in architectural design, namely as rainwater harvesting systems that draw inspiration from these ancient storage practices. 

Many other early building principles like large courtyards to encourage natural air ventilation and lighting, local stones for building materials that help with temperature control, and more green spaces, are finding a place in modern construction. Builders and buyers alike are eschewing carbon-dense construction choices like cement or other chic imported materials in favour of more sustainable choices.

Living the Altezza Way

Altezza, Appaswamy’s new apartments in OMR, has been designed at this intersection of traditional Indian design, principles of modern sustainable architecture, and urban lifestyle. It is constructed using locally-sourced stones that reduce the overall carbon footprint. Rainwater harvesting systems, solar-powered lights in common areas and a water softening plant ensure judicious use of all-natural resources.

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On the design front, vertical gardens on every level encourage fresh air for all families while inter-block courtyards provide cross ventilation and plenty of light. Taking a page out of stepwell culture, our rooftop gardens, swimming pool, children’s play area and fitness centres provide ample communal spaces for socialization. High-tech security systems, power backup and plush interiors, on the other hand, bring urban sophistication into your private spaces. 

With Altezza, we are taking a step into India’s evolving identity where ancient heritage, sustainable architectureand contemporary living converge to deliver a responsible urban living experience. Call +91 8056006033 for more about these brand new apartments in OMR.

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