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Gone are the days where home buyers settled for just another apartment in the city. Today, our home is an extension of our lifestyle—one that encompasses convenience and compelling experiences in every aspect of our daily routine. With Superette, we aim to bring just that to the residents of The Bloomingdale and Splendour. Envisioned as a one-stop-shop for shopping and dining, this integrated commercial building houses a fusion of business establishments, trendy eateries, and fine dining restaurants. 

Next Door Convenience

Located just 1 km from our apartments in OMR and Pammal, Superette brings convenience right next door. Forget waiting for the weekend to make your grocery run. You can now take a stroll after work to buy the best of products and ingredients. With a commercial building just around the corner, time you earlier spent traveling can now be used to relax with family and friends. 

Elevated Lifestyle

Thanks to its unique location, Superette comes with a captive audience that attracts both local and international brands alike. This brings an opulent and dynamic shopping experience to our homeowners, as well as the other residents of the neighbourhood. Amenities like complete air conditioning and high speed WiFi connectivity allow you to be your most productive self in your favorite cafe, on all those days that work-from-home turns monotonous. 

Social Hub

Whether you’d like to take your friends out on a coffee date or share an delectable gourmet meal with your partner, Superette is the new place to be. Besides the convenience of retail proximity, this commercial building is also designed to be the ideal social hub. The exposed brick facade, soft lighting, and pleasant acoustics make Superette a sublime experience, through and through. 

With all these features under one umbrella and just a stone’s throw away from home, Superette truly brings ease of living and elegance to Pammal and OMR. If you reside in these neighbourhoods, come be a part of this exciting community that seamlessly bridges the gap between the daily grind and well-earned leisure. 


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