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Apr 2018

Make the best use of space in your studio apartment

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In every home, clutter accumulates from nowhere. One minute there is nothing on the table and the next you can see magazines pile up, shoes multiply and clothes add up. In a large home, these new additions get tucked away or let’s say they go unnoticed. But in a studio apartment, they can quickly fill up the space. Next thing you know, your home is filled with hundreds of small items that have nowhere to go, and your closets are filled to the brim. Regardless of your storage situation, these tips will help decorate your apartment into the most stylish one in your building!


Get creative when it comes to finding storage. Use the areas above your cabinets and doors. Look in your closet, and see if you can line up a few racks and use that space. There’s just almost always some high spot you can take advantage of if you really take a look at your apartment. You can also explore this idea with simple-to-install wall hooks. And yes, you can use the walls and high ceilings too to expand your options.

Room dividers

When the goal is to maximize space, set up room dividers. Instead of just a thin divider, consider a bookshelf or other storage solutions that help tame the mess, as well as visually divide the space. Set bookshelves perpendicular to a wall to divide living areas. It does not have to stretch to the ceiling, but to accomplish a classy look and make it look like two separate rooms, go tall.

Set your sights high

A simple trick that will make your studio feel taller is to introduce elements that draw the eye upwards to the ceiling and boost the height of the tight space. Try installing a tall floor lamp, a cluster of framed artwork or masks that sit high on the wall. These elements will elevate the look of your cosy living room and make it feel more open and spacious.

Be a Minimalist

Maybe the problem with studio apartments isn’t that they’re too small or stuffy, but that you want more-furniture and space. Buying lot of new things for your house might seem exciting but they will only take up space. Being a minimalist can make life simpler and allows you save on unnecessary purchases.

Bed, to sleep or to store?

Beds on the other hand take up a lot of floor space, but that’s something you cannot compromise on. So, the next best thing is to maximize that space by raising your bed for extra storage. You can simply do this by adding risers that give you a few more inches of usable space under your bed.

Blend it together

How to make your studio feel less like a closet? Work on camouflaging your storage. You can do this by using double duty furniture that looks like something like a trunk for a coffee table or ottomans with hidden storage inside, or by painting or buying storage in the same color as your walls so that it blends into your studio.

Instead of worrying about how small a studio apartment is, try to embrace the fact that it’s less to take care of, and comes at a lower cost than a bigger space. If you can get into the minimalist mindset, your studio apartment will seem instantly more enjoyable.

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