Seniors deserve a Capella Home for their golden years!

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Nestled in Vadapalani, one of the busiest parts of the city, is a crown jewel of the Appaswamy catalog – Capella. Fully equipped with top-of-the-line amenities, this property is ideal for wholesome family living. This International Day for Older Persons, take a look at what a home designed with elders in mind looks like, with Capella as a prime example. 

Always putting security first 

The safety and security of your family are paramount when you have elders at home, and our team goes the extra mile to ensure convenience. The bathrooms and balcony are fitted with anti-skid tiles and, upon request, we can do the same for other areas of the home as well. Since it is crucial that elders remain as independent as possible – we can also partially customise some areas of the house and kitchen to suit their needs. For example, repositioning entryways for easier access. 

Rest assured elders are completely safe even when you are away at work. The apartment comes with 24/7 security stationed at every entry and exit point of the campus, as well as round-the-clock CCTV surveillance. To top it off, each apartment comes fully equipped with video intercom facilities, so only trusted friends and family are allowed inside the premises. 

Dash of nature in a concrete jungle

When our mornings start right, the rest of the day follows suit. This is why each floor of Capella comes with a cosy east-facing landscaped garden where elders can catch the sunrise or enjoy evening tea. These spaces have been creatively designed to remain cool, particularly in the evenings. So, families can gather in this cosy space without having to make their way to the ground level every time. 

Elders can also unleash their green thumb and grow their own produce as the two blocks have a dedicated terrace garden available for residents to use. Not only is this a great way to get some much needed Vitamin D, but it is also a great way to bond with other residents. 

Why should kids have all the fun? 

All of our properties are built to enable better community bonding and foster deep neighbourly bonds. The banquet hall becomes the ‘It’ spot for all community functions, festive occasions and all other social events. At Capella, we have a rooftop amphitheatre that is wheelchair accessible so elders don’t have to miss a gathering ever again! Alongside this is a netted basketball court and children play area which allows elders to watch over the little ones in utter comfort.

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