Apr 2019

Santhome: A life of complements

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There’s a dream, tucked away in the back of our minds; a hope that we can one day enjoy unmatched opulence, and call this slice of luxury our own. It’s time to breathe life into that dream.

Santhome is home to some of the iconic towering peaks of Chennai – the Santhome Basilica and the Lighthouse – and neighbor to the culturally significant Kapaleeswarar Temple and Vivekananda House. With many of the premium apartments in Chennai peppering the area, it’s not unsurprising to see opulent buildings and a combination of interesting lifestyles. As multi-cultural hubs go, Santhome is a magnet for people from all walks of life.

Sun, surf, and sand

Azure The Oceanic, Santhome

The world’s second longest beach, skirts the Indian Ocean in the Bay of Bengal, leaving a distinct mark on the neighborhood. And if an evening stroll on miles of sand isn’t your idea of relaxation, all you have to do is stop by the Tholkappiar Ecological Park to unravel the multitude of gems that Nature has to offer (beware, the park is only open on select days of the week).

Green skies and concrete floors

Roof Top at Azure The Oceanic

Exotic flora and rare bird species call the 260 acres of the nearby Theosophical Society home, making it an excellent weekend stop for the birders. The hot summers of Chennai do call for some evenings spent in the company of air-conditioned retail outlets, and the indulgence of taste buds at one of the many food courts in nearby malls. But there’s nothing quite like a relaxing dip atop a rooftop swimming pool in one of the premium apartments in Chennai.

The smart way to grow

Some of the most prestigious schools of the city, such as Chettinad Vidyashram and Sishya, are located in the immediate vicinity of Santhome, making it the best place for a child from the luxury homes of Chennai to learn, explore and grow. In addition, the business hub of the city at nearby Nungambakkam, makes Santhome a hotspot for the who’s who of the town. You never know who you might meet when out for a stroll.

Life begins and ends at Azure

For those looking to make the most of everything that Chennai has to offer in one place, Azure The Oceanic, luxury apartments at Santhome deliver an elevated lifestyle. Swathed in luxury, from the Italian marble flooring to the European designer wardrobes, the space where the once iconic Oceanic Hotel stood, is now home to another glistening landmark.

Azure the Oceanic, Santhome

With full glass facades and expansive balcony decks, reflections across the contemporary design of the property create a connector between river, sky, and ocean. Complete with world-class, in-house automation and concierge service, these 97 homes will leave you wanting for nothing.

Luxury homes in Chennai are waiting for you. Where are you at?

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