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When you buy a house, you also make a subconscious choice about the lifestyle in store. In urban areas, choosing the right location is just as important as the house or apartment itself. A house in a prime location will give you better connectivity to other parts of the city, quick entertainment options and of course, an authentic taste of the city. Yes, we’re talking about dining options. If you are looking for apartments in Chennai, here are 4 reasons why Vadapalani should be on top of your preference list:

  • Convenience and Reliable Infrastructure

Say goodbye to long hours in traffic jams! Vadapalani is one of the most easily-accessible neighbourhoods in Chennai. The bus terminal on Arcot Road is an important one in the city while the Metro Rail provides quick accessibility to the airport and many other prime locations. Vadapalani is also renowned for its medical infrastructure with a host of reputed hospitals, including SRM Institute of Medical Science (SIMS), Vijaya Hospital, Sooriya Hospital, Vasan Eyecare, among others. 

  • The Palate Ticklers

If there’s one word of advice before picking an apartment to settle down in, always check the list of restaurants close by before you finalize the deal. When it comes to dining options, Vadapalani will not disappoint. From the world-famous Saravana Bhavan and the all-you-can-eat buffet at Barbecue Nation, to the themed The Waterfall Restaurant, there is no dearth of options to indulge yourself on days you absolutely cannot bring yourself to cook! 

  • A Little Something for Everyone

If you’ve got a typical family with wide-ranging sensibilities, you cannot choose a better area to accommodate everyone’s entertainment preferences. The Forum Vijaya Mall will tend to your quick retail therapy needs, food cravings or scratch your movie itch. Vadapalani is also home to many religious spots and some of the most iconic theaters in Chennai. Duck into Kamala Cinemas or AVM Rajeshwari, the theatre that boasts of superhit film screenings, for an authentic Chennai film-watching experience. 

  • The Creative Factor

Speaking of films, Vadapalani is a movie-buff’s delight! It is the heart of all major cine infrastructure in Kollywood. Here you will find Vijaya Vauhini Studios, once considered the largest film studio in Asia, and Vikram Studios, while some of the other famous ones like Prasad Studios and AVM Studio are close by. With an apartment in Chennai’s most glamorous area that is home to some of Kollywood’s biggest actors, a superstar sighting is almost guaranteed! For those with other artistic inclinations, the Chozha Nadu Art Gallery with its wide array of Tanjore paintings is worth checking out. 

The Final Word

With so many factors working in its favour, it’s no wonder that Vadapalani is one the hottest real estate spots for residential apartments in Chennai. Appaswamy has a host of properties here, but if you are looking to own a home in this vibrant neighbourhood, look no further than the newest addition to the list – Capella

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