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Putting the whole in Holi

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Wood has been gathered to light the bonfire. Oil has been brought to the perfect temperature to fry gujiyas, and children are queuing-up to gorge on delectable papri chaat. Holi is all this, but a lot more, as well. The colours, fun, and frolic are just part of this wonderous festival!

This year, let’s celebrate Holi with a difference – one that bears more meaning, soul, and responsibility. Whether you live in premium apartments or budget flats in Chennai, these simple tips are for everyone!

Random act of colour

What’s Holi without colours, right? Holi pichkaris are filled with fiery shades and flamboyant hues, ready to be squirted at the unsuspecting stranger. But, what if ‘throwing colors’ represented much more? Life is full of colourful emotions and memories. By visiting an old age home or a children’s orphanage, you will be adding colour to the lives of those who really need it! This Holi, colour more than just the outside, painting someone’s soul bright!

Pick up the phone and make that call

Holi is the celebration of good over evil, the victory of love over hatred. Stuck in a rut with someone? Haven’t caught up with a close friend in a long time? Lay those bitter emotions aside and spread a little holiday cheer. The festival is about commemorating the period of peace after a war. So do whatever it takes – send a bouquet with a handwritten note, surprise a special someone at their door, pick up the phone and make that call. It’s Holi, afterall!

Share sweets, share sunshine

Festivals are the time for sweets and desserts in every colour and flavour. Be it juicy ras malais, or honey glazed malpuas, it always feels good to give than to receive. Share some, not just with your family, but go the extra mile this Holi. Your old neighbour who lives all alone, the vendor at the grocery shop down your street…count them in your celebration. Share sweets, share sunshine!

Try dry

It is an unsaid rule that one must be drenched to the toe in colors, on Holi Day. But with rising concerns of water scarcity and contamination, why not compromise on a wet Holi, and opt for a dry one instead? It sure would go a long way in preserving the Earth for our children, to live and enjoy. This year, let’s try dry!

Back to the basics

Now that you have decided to give dry Holi a shot, getting hold of eco-friendly colours can be a major hassle. Store bought colors bring with them a plethora of chemicals that severely damage the skin. What’s more is that they are harmful if inhaled, as well. The solution is to go back to the basics. Homemade colors can be made easily, by mixing ingredients found within the confines of your abode. You can learn how to make simple homemade colours here.

The Festival of Colours can truly be vibrant in its own way. Let’s join hands to make this Holi whole!

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