Property Details

Address: M.R Radha Garden Road, Pudupakkam
Property Id : 1673
No. of Blocks: 4
Type of Flats: 2 BHK & 3 BHK
No. of Floors: Stilt + 9 Floors
No of Flats: 212 2 Bedroom + 2 Toilets : 80 Units 3 Bedroom + 2 Toilets : 64 Units 3 Bedroom + 3 Toilets : 68 Units
Apartment Range: 2 BHKs + 2 Toilets : 1244, 1425 & 1482 Sq ft 3 BHKs + 2 Toilets: 1487, 1547, 1584, 1591 & 1640 Sq ft 3 BHKs + 3 Toilets : 1737 Sq ft
Car Parking: Stilt


Video door phone
Water Softening Plant
Children’s Play Area
Swimming pool
Fire Alarm & Wet Riser system
Sewage treatment plant
500 watts standby power supply for EWS Block
Landscaped garden with water bodies
100% back-up power for common areas
Lifts with V-3F & ARD
Access controlled doors with CCTV cameras coverage @ vantage points
Wi-Fi connectivity in Clubhouse
Provision for AC Outdoor unit placement

Current status


We have attempted to provide answers to the queries in the sequence of order normally asked by the customers. However, if you have any other queries, please visit our office.

1) Where is Habit@t located?

It is located right behind the Siruseri SIPCOT IT Park, Pudupakkam.

2) Can you share some of the details about Habit@t?

Habit@t is set amidst 40 Grounds – A land area of 10,750 sq ft has been earmarked for open space reservation.

This development will have 212 apartments in four blocks consisting of 2 BHKs & 3 BHKs.

The areas start from 1244 sq.ft. to 1737 sq ft.

3) What is the Approval status?

All approvals obtained.

4) What is the current status?

Ready to Move-in.

5) What is the payment schedule?

10% of the overall base flat cost as advance at the time of booking.
Further payment schedule can be collected from our Sales Team.

6) What do you mean by Customization?

Customization in general covers lofts, extra switch points, grills in balcony & for main entrance and is strictly guided by feasibility. These requests can be accommodated, depending upon the feasibility and entail additional costs, on the basis of cost estimates agreed and payment made in advance.

The customization requirements will be facilitated by our Customer Care Team.

7) When can I approach your Customer Care team to make changes within the apartment?

The request for changes/ customization will be considered either at the time of signing the construction agreement or when the 30% payment stage is completed or at the beginning of the particular activity, whichever is appropriate.

Customer Care team will send an invite for customization with soft copies of electrical and civil drawings by mail outlining the feasibility of each customization including the ‘not-so-feasible’ works like bathrooms / waterlines, in particular, which cannot be changed or altered.

8) What type of kitchen is provided?

Kitchen will have granite top with stainless steel sink.

9) Will Lofts be provided?

Bedrooms will have lofts.

Our offering does not include the wardrobes and anyone intending to have wardrobes may approach a specialist for the same.

10) What are the other costs?

Car park, registration charges, corpus fund, maintenance, statutory deposits, DTH Multi-system, Reticulated Gas deposit, etc.,

11) Which Banks have approved this project?

All leading banks have approved this project.

12) How is water quality?

“Water Softening Plant” is provided as part of our offering.

Water softening aids in the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metals in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap and extends the lifetime of plumbing.

13) Is there any provision for Back-up power?

Yes. Elevators/motor pumps, common areas will have 100% back-up while each apartment will have 500 watts back-up.

14) I am an NRI. Can I book from abroad?

Yes. You can book from anywhere in the world. Just send your complete details by email.

15) How can I transfer funds to your account?

You can wire-transfer funds from anywhere in India or from abroad using RTGS mode. Just send a mail to us at arel@vsnl.net to get our account number/ bank/branch and Swift codes.

For Enquiries Contact: 8056183939

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