Newly-constructed homes: Why are these the best housing option

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In an Indian household, fixed deposits and real estate are always considered the best investment options. With residential real estate though, the decision is often more binding. Buying property is a large, long-term financial commitment. If you are looking to live in the house, then it becomes even more essential to make a wise decision. When it comes to your new home, here’s why considering newly-constructed properties for sale are the best way to go:


The biggest advantage of buying a new home is that you can customize it. From the flooring and countertops to fittings and lighting, you can make the decision to bring your dream home to life with new properties. Most builders offer you the option to make minor changes to floorplans, as long as it doesn’t interfere with structural integrity or safety regulations. When you buy an apartment, your personal style can shine through!

Better Safety Measures

A brand-new property with a reputed real estate developer like Appaswamy, will adhere to the latest regulatory guidelines and safety measures, as they must comply with RERA guidelines. For instance, fire safety regulations, emergency exits and better plumbing are more likely to be in place in homes constructed after The National Building Code 2016 was enacted. 

Lower Maintenance Expenses 

Maintenance and upkeep for new homes is lesser in the initial years. The chances of a leaky roof or a cracked tile is minimized compared to a preowned property. Builders will also provide you with a minimum warranty for all the fittings, so on the off-chance that something does turn out to be faulty, you can get it fixed with minimum expenditure from your end. 


Present-day real estate construction is more eco-conscious than buildings from a decade ago. Construction materials are more likely to be locally-sourced, fittings are more energy efficient, and many buildings use renewable energy. Therefore, with newly-constructed properties in Chennai, you can make sure that you are doing your bit for the environment. For instance, Appaswamy’s Capella is also fitted with solar-powered LED lights in common areas and signature gardens. Energy-efficient buildings are also pocket-friendly in the long run. 

Smart Tech

As technology advances every year, investing in a new building also means that you get the latest and smartest features for your home. Access-controlled doors, motion-sensored lighting, video monitoring and full WiFi connectivity are just some of the smart tech additions that will make your new home a delight to live in. 

The Bonus

Apart from these benefits, financing for new properties is easier to obtain as well. You are also more likely to qualify for a larger loan amount. The resale value for new homes is greater than pre-owned ones too. Whether it is to live in or just an  investment, getting property directly from the developer has numerous benefits. 

Ready to find your dream home? Check out Appaswamy’s new properties for sale in Chennai for the best deals in the market. 

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