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Have you ever felt like the sands of the hourglass are flowing quicker than ever before? The routines of life seamlessly blend each day into another. However, a few moments stand out like beacons of joy and excitement. We’re sure New Year’s Eve 2020 was one such day for the residents of Appaswamy’s Bloomingdale at Pammal.

As the world geared up to greet the new year with good vibes, Bloomingdale radiated bright and colourful energy thanks to the neon themed party thrown by the amazing team from Radio Mirchi. The vivid-coloured wristbands, glowsticks, powders, and an epic backlit dance floor offered the residents an exciting space to party. And boy did they let loose and introduce their inner party animals to the world!


A night of incredible food, invigorating music, and fun games turned the day into a beautiful memory, and we were overjoyed to give our residents a night to remember. Food trucks and live snack counters kept the gastronomers happy with mouth-watering delicacies, while a wide range of carnival-style game stalls kept the little ones entertained and out of trouble. 


Emcee Pascal’s magnetic personality and witty anecdotes held the crowd’s rapt attention all through the evening. He even had the residents take part in some friendly neighbourhood competition. The night then took a musical turn as AD and the Band, and DJ Munna took turns occupying centrestage. The audience thoroughly appreciated and wildly cheered on both sets, and many even joined the artists by singing and dancing to the beats.

There was only the euphoria of a new year and new beginnings, and we are sure this Neon New Year Party will go down as an unforgettable event of 2019 for the residents of The Bloomingdale.

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