What’s all the hype surrounding the new apartments in OMR?

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If buying a home was one of the items on your to-do list this year, it’s time to get moving. Buying a home isn’t a cakewalk for most people, but when you find a place with tranquillity, free from the flurry of traffic, pollution and at a beautiful location, you know you’ve found a home. While we’re on the subject, why don’t you consider one of the new apartments in OMR?

The famed IT corridor

OMR, or the IT corridor, was once a questionable investment because it did not offer the facilities it does now. However, if you’re looking to escape the chaos of the city but want to maintain proximity, consider apartments in OMR the solution for you. They provide improved facilities, and the housing projects have an edge over any others at the heart of the city. Managing the delicate balance between tradition and advancement is something the area does well.


If you ask anyone who has moved across town why they would leave such a central hub, they would most likely respond that it was to circumvent rush hour traffic and move away from the chaos. These luxury apartments in Chennai come with well-connected roads, buses and rail services making everyday transit super convenient.

Nowadays, before investing in a home, the first thing to do is check for travel time to and from work. When you live on OMR, traffic is no longer the first thing you think of every morning.

Another important factor to consider is the presence of reputed schools and colleges nearby. The schools on OMR are modern, provide a global outlook and promise educational excellence. The locale also has hospitals lined up on either side of the road, making them accessible. The stretch is also filled with extraordinary real estate properties and a number of world-class amenities.

Follow a process before buying new apartments for sale in Chennai

Before jumping on the bandwagon, fix your budget and look for the home you want, whether it is a 1BHK apartment or one of the many luxury apartments for sale in Chennai. In OMR, most flats are within gated communities and have amenities such as supermarkets and ATMs available within the compound. It only makes life simpler. Moreover, a gated community allows you to mingle with neighbours promising a better social life for you and your kids.

Sometimes, flats for sale in Chennai do not come with a hefty price tag. OMR is your place if you’re looking for affordable homes with a new lifestyle and a perfect work-life balance. 

Convinced that OMR is the place to be? Then look no further than our brand new apartments in Chennai



Located at the heart of the IT corridor, a Splendour apartment brings you closer to most tech companies in the city. Fitted with a host of amenities such as a serene swimming pool, tree-lined jogging tracks, a top-notch gym, a swanky clubhouse, elegant halls, and a private mini theatre, you’ll want for nothing when you make Splendour your new home.


Conceptualised as an ecological vertical village and constructed using sustainable practices, these apartments are designed to facilitate an eco friendly lifestyle. That’s why a home at Altezza is a treat for the present and a promise for the future.

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