Yours Truly, Terrace Garden

Summer holidays at our grandparents’ place not only meant being pampered and gorging on great food but also having a lush beautiful garden to enjoy in! Daydreaming, playing catch with our cousins, snacking on mangoes…the backyard garden has seen it all. As the years have passed, garden has adapted themselves to cities and managed to sneak into our apartments as terrace gardens.

Imagine an expanse of open green, cool air, flowers, and fruits hanging from trees like ornaments… isn’t it the perfect setting to huddle home for the evening? But a garden on your terrace is more than just decorative.

Increases happy hormones

Gardening is one of the greatest hobbies one could have, and for good reason. Studies show that caring for a garden not only helps you relax but also increases the body’s ‘happy hormone’ levels. Getting your hand’s muddy assists in getting rid of excess energy, helping you sleep better.

Makes better nurturers

If you have kids at home, gardening can make them good nurtures, putting them on the path to becoming responsible adults. It teaches them to be connected with other living things, to be gentle and caring.

Boosts confidence

And it’s not just for kids! Adults and the elderly, who are facing issues in their lives benefit from gardening as it gives them a sense of control. This, in turn, aids them to face the issue with increased positivity and confidence.

Builds community

During a time when families are becoming smaller, communities more disjointed, and communication more virtual, having a common terrace garden opens up avenues for interaction and bonding. It is no doubt that you’ll make friendships here that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Improves health

Where do we start? Apart from enhancing the flavour of your food, consuming freshly grown fruits and vegetables give a boost to your health and prevent illnesses, as they are unadulterated and nutritionally superior. Additionally, individuals in active communities have active lifestyles. Community terrace gardens are a place for yoga, walking, playing, meditation…all of which are great forms of exercise.

Happy Earth

Did you know that plants not only purify the air but also absorb and control noise pollution? Research even shows that large expanses of green have been successful in combating rising temperatures. Keeping Earth happy only means good things for its inhabitants.


For those who feel like finding apartments for sale in Chennai with a terrace garden is a far-fetched goal, Capella is here to make your dreams come true.

13 Dec 2021


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