Why Amenities and Open Spaces Are Crucial For A City Home? - Appaswamy

There’s much to love in a rural setting – nature, the beauty of a close knit community, the serenity of open spaces, among others. But what if we mimicked this way of life in the city? What if you could paint the town red long into the night, but then come home to a place where traffic and crowds fade away, and you are one with nature?

A Spacious Haven

When it comes to our dream home, we all have our priorities. However, many homeowners compromise in order to have their most important needs met. In reality, there are no alternatives to ample space and abundant greenery. Spacious homes offer privacy and personal space, the two key factors needed to sustain peace and harmony. This is why at Clover, even our smallest apartment configuration, the 2BHK, is larger than the size of an average 2BHK in Chennai.

And we did not stop there. Clover By The River is Appaswamy’s most green property. Almost 81% of Clover is free of constructions, allowing nature to cradle you in a laid-back, relaxing environment that is bound to lighten your mood, and making it one of the finest properties in Chennai.

Endless Views

Have you ever been to a beautiful and lush resort and wished you could just stay there forever? We totally get that! We also know that great views right outside your window can be an instant mood booster. That’s why every Clover apartment comes with a bay window overlooking the Adyar river so you step outside and take in the 180° panoramic view.

Bust The Stress

Stress is also a natural by-product of our hectic urban lives. After wading through seas of noise and pollution, people crave a sense of serenity. Thus the spike in wanderlust in millenials. So, homes like Clover By The River where builders in Chennai offer a way back into nature and community, might just be the first step towards a more refreshing lifestyle.

Something for Everyone

Another benefit of open spaces is that they can be utilised in different ways. Elders may use the walking track, health conscious folks can go on a jog, and children can run around playing hide and seek with their friends. In other words, it is a place where everyone, whether six or sixty, can enjoy themselves and have a good time.

And since there is ample open space, residents have access to lush landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, and an assortment of other world-class facilities.

A Stage for Socialization

Humans are social creatures and thus interacting with others is essential to every aspect of our health. However in the hectic urban world, many prefer to spend what little free time they have within the comfort of their homes. We hope that amenities such as the badminton court and futsal court encourage folks to brave the outside world again, work up a sweat, and make friends while doing so. Growing children especially need open spaces to run about freely. The facilities act as a catalyst for holistic development, and children lead healthier, happier lives.

With the above, we brought beauty, the serenity, and the community to Kotturpuram in Chennai. Now, are you ready to live a better life? Call 8056167373 for more details on the property and schedule a visit to the model apartments.

10 Nov 2021


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