Wallpaper, not just for your walls

Wallpaper is a novel concept for most of us. We all know what it is, but we don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of plastering our beautiful walls with coloured paper. However, there is something to be said to the beautiful patterns we see these days. Here are some novel ways to spruce up your home and stay in vogue with some exciting wallpaper inspiration!

Expect the unexpected

What do you like to do when you come home from a long day at work? Want to just put your feet up and relax, right? How about the next time you lean back look skyward, you see wallpapered ceiling? Expect the unexpected.

Framed accents

When artistic abilities transcend us, it’s best to keep it simple. Besides, who said simple couldn’t be cool? Grab an antique frame and showcase some otherworldly wallpaper. Hung right, it could look like a portal to another dimension!

Push pin boards

Wrap a push pin board with some fabulous wallpaper and you have a quick DIY accent piece in your study that is also extremely functional. Grab some funky push pins to go with it, and you’ve got a whole retro vibe going!

Vintage classics

Grab some wallpaper with a vintage vibe and plaster the insides of your crockery cupboards for an unmatched aesthetic. Our pro tip? Try to keep a color scheme between the wallpaper and your porcelain wares for best results.

DIY decals

If you’ve got that creative streak, a bit of fire to furnish your house, consider using wallpaper as decal. With the right theme of wallpaper, you could install some inspiring designs all around your house giving it a personal touch.

10 Dec 2021


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