Top 5 fool-proof ways to remain calm and positive during stressful times

Your home and apartments in Chennai are spaces that are uniquely your own. After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than returning home and sinking into your spot on the couch. But now, after being forced to stay indoors for weeks, are you feeling a little caged and anxious?

During such times, slightly changing your perspective and viewing the situation in a positive light can ease the anxiety and help you feel more in control. Studies show that positivity and an optimistic outlook lets you see more possibilities and solutions to your problems. You’re also more likely to be happier & healthier than pessimists.

Here are a few ways you can stay positive even during these strenuous times.

  • The bigger picture

Remind yourself of the biggest picture when you’re feeling low. Staying indoors is protecting many lives – your own, your family and even others around you. Trust that, with stringent safety practices and a flexible work life, the world will be infinitely safer and healthier when you step outside your flats in Chennai after the quarantine period.

  • Slower pace of life

When the outside world is shut off, shift your focus to the one inside your home. Leave behind the worry of work deadlines and spend time with your family. It’s your chance to catch up with friends across the globe who are free at the same time you are for a change. It’s also a chance to take advantage of the beautiful terrace and community space within the apartments in Chennai and go for frequent walks. Just remember to maintain social distance from your fellow walkers.

  • Random acts of kindness

When the world is in a state of panic, every little act of kindness has a significant effect. The memes you share with your friends might be the one making their entire day better. A single word of appreciation could make your team incredibly happy and productive. Make sure you keep spreading positivity even if it is simply putting out a tray of milk for a stray cat.

  • Mindfulness and exercise

When thoughts spiral and overwhelm you, practising mindfulness and meditation can help you control your mind. With daily practice, you can observe your thoughts and feelings without letting emotions wash over you. On the other hand, exercise ensures your body produces enough endorphins – the stress relief hormone. Physical activity also regulates the body’s levels of serotonin and dopamine – the hormones that affect mood levels. Therefore, medication and exercise can help you cope with anxiety and depression in these stressful days

  • The right people

Even after all the above, you can still feel disheartened when you turn on the news. When it gets hard to be hopeful, talk to other optimistic people. Their pragmatic and encouraging words could help reignite the flame of hope within you.

Remember, laughter and positivity are much more contagious than any virus and the world sorely needs more of both. Stay positive and you’ll make the world around you feel better too as long as you also remember to wash your hands.

15 Dec 2021


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