Tips to live longer

With medical advancement and progress in science, life expectancy has increased considerably. That being said, we are still in the pursuit of quality of life. Healthier habits lead to a healthier mind and body, thereby more happiness in life. Here are tips you can follow to significantly improve your days to come.

1. What’s in your glass?

Research says that you don’t have to put your coffee love down, it helps keep away heart and liver diseases. Drinking alcohol in moderation is also proven to be better than not touching the glass at all, especially as a deterrent to heart diseases. It’s good to remember anything in moderation never hurt anybody.

2. Watch your plate

Watching what you eat is possibly the most effective thing one can do to regulate long term health. Consume fruits and veggies of different colour palettes as this will mean a more wholesome intake of nutrients. It’s also said that a general moderation in eating habits and reasonable control of food portion improves digestive health. One would be surprised to know how much the gut plays a role in overall health and well being

3. Going outdoors

Vitamin D is nature’s gift to mankind, but make sure that you don’t overly expose yourself to the sun. The Sunshine Vitamin is good for the bones and helps keep away a lot of disorders. Too much exposure can lead to wrinkled skin and even, skin cancer. Fitness is a must if you want to improve your long term and short term health. Physical activity is key to metabolism and releases endorphins, thereby acting as a mood booster.

4. Talk to people

Humans are social animals, and the need to mentally and physically connect with people is an intrinsic need. A sense of belonging, touch and intellectual stimulation gives us a feeling of wellbeing. This deters the onset of psychological problems, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases.

5. Kick the butt

There are a slew of research studies that have been trying to convince people to quit smoking. Smoking can take way years from life and impact the quality of wellbeing. Passive smoking is no good and is more detrimental than one may think. It’s never too late because quitting smoking in your thirties can add about six to eight years to life.
There’s no denying that the smallest changes are the hardest decisions to keep. But the payoffs in terms of health and happiness are much more, even in the short run. Nothing can beat the feel good factor, of a promise kept to self.


10 Dec 2021


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