The home- mind formulation: how well does your home care for you?

Home is where comfort is. It is a safe space to retreat after a hard day’s work. In an urban setting, where everything is fast-paced, a healthy home becomes the cornerstone of a healthy life. This is why it is essential to have a home that encourages you to take care of yourself.

A house that is optimized for well-being should be calming while improving your productivity in all ways possible. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for a house that can automatically improve your well-being:


Your environment tends to have a direct impact on your mind. A house that is cramped, cluttered and disorganized is more likely to end up stressing you out. An apartment with ample storage space can help you put anything you do not need out of sight. Or, get creative with storage beds or sliding cupboards!

Add Some Green

Nature always has a calming effect. Introducing house plants to your apartment can instantly add a touch of serenity and improve the air quality indoors. If you’re not one for indoor plants, make it a point to step out to your garden or terrace for a glimpse of nature. The rooftop garden at Trellis or the tree-lined walk tracks at Clover are exactly for that – helping you take care of yourself effortlessly.

Pay Attention to Lighting

The amount of vitamin D you get from sunlight is essential for optimal health. Ensure you let in ample natural light into your house every day as an important way to take care of yourself. The three towers at Altezza are strategically placed to allow ample sunlight in every apartment – as long as you keep your curtains drawn open! For evenings, install a mix of bright overhead lights and soft, ambient lights to use as per your need.

Plan Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important determinant of your health. A well-planned kitchen encourages you to eat healthy. Design your kitchen such that you have a fully-stocked pantry, multiple work zones and a spacious countertop to prepare hearty meals. Place your fridge in your kitchen for easy storage and movement. Since this is one of the most frequented places in any house, set yourself up for good health here.

Find Your Fitness Zone

Given the busy lifestyles of today, unless exercise is made easily accessible, most people are bound to give it a miss. However, physical exercise is a must for a healthy life. This is why most properties in Chennai come with fitness zones within the township. For instance all our properties such as Splendour or The Bloomingdale include a top-notch fitness centre. We went a step further at Clover and included badminton and futsal courts so you have fewer reasons to skip your workouts.

Final Word

Our environment can go a long way in determining how we lead our lives. When picking a home, ensure you keep your well-being in mind because good health begins at home.

15 Dec 2021


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