Strike a Balance With Nature

We all know the struggles of trying to live a balanced life. While we expect that working from home would free up our time to spend doing the things we love, in reality our to-do lists are longer than ever before. The lines between personal and work life have blurred even more. Living this way cannot be sustainable though, and can cause burnout, taking a toll on mental health.

Spending time in nature can help. Not only is it therapeutic, but it serves as an antidote to stress. Simply imagining yourself walking barefoot in the grass or taking a stroll in the sun feels rejuvenating. But how do you incorporate some time outdoors when your schedule seems to be getting busier?

  • Keep that commute

Let’s be real, no one misses sitting in traffic while commuting to and from work each day. But, this shuttle helped us prepare for our day ahead and switch off from work afterwards. There’s no reason not to keep it going. Carve out 15 to 30 minutes to be outdoors at the start and close of each day. During this time, go for a jog or walk, practise yoga, or ride your bicycle in your neighbourhood park. Keeping this ritual will bring back structure to your day and allow you to soak up the beauty of nature all around you.

  • A new office, every day

Who said you have to sit behind a desk surrounded by four walls to get things done? Treat the great outdoors as your workspace instead! The best builders in Chennai incorporate outdoor recreational spaces into their designs. Use it to your advantage. Go ahead and take that Zoom call on your terrace garden. Or, work at your step count by taking a walking meeting around the verdant jogging tracks or lush courtyards within your gated community.

  • Make lunch fun

A break for your midday meal often serves as a welcome breather from busy mornings. For those that are working from home, this is usually shortened from an hour to a quick 20 minutes when we can afford it. Set aside fixed break timings and make it a fun affair. Eating your lunch by the balcony and watching the great outdoors can itself be a stressbuster, especially if you have stayed cooped up indoors. If you have shaded outdoor spaces, then there’s nothing like a picnic to incorporate time outdoors in the workday for a balanced life.

  • Skip the gym

Fitness is crucial to our well-being, but time at the gym translates to more time surrounded by walls. Now, we spend most of our time indoors already. Why not expand your fitness regime beyond the four walls of the gym? Instead, you can run around the block, go cycling, or jump rope while getting some fresh air. If you live in one of the properties in Chennai with a pool, incorporate swimming into your workout too!

At Appaswamy, we make sure you never have to venture too far to find nature. Our apartments in Chennai come with green outdoor areas such as spacious balconies, tree-lined walking tracks, rooftop gardens, vertical parks and verdant courtyards for an enriched living experience every day of your life.

11 Oct 2021


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