Say it with velvet

When the runways of fashion bigwigs like Prada, Gucci and Fendi sported velvet, we knew it was only a matter of time before it invaded our homes, and we are not complaining one bit! With its deep tones and luxurious textures, the allure of velvet is not lost on us. Here are a few ways you can use this multidimensional fabric in your space:


Velvet has an earthy opulence which makes it a great fabric for your living space. It creates warm inviting rooms, and we recommend using rich hues as they will never run out of fashion. The visual richness of velvet can easily be offset by using other fabrics like linen, silk or wool. If you have a single deep toned statement sofa, balance the room out with light colored furniture for a chic, eclectic vibe.

It is worth keeping in mind that velvet is an absorber of natural and man-made light and can cause heat retention. If you are thinking of adding a velvet sofa to the mix, make sure you find a place away from direct sunlight or any other heat source; otherwise, it can be impossible to use as the mercury starts to rise.


We understand if you are a little reluctant to get on the velvet bandwagon (especially after memories of your childhood velvet dress), but why not start small with accent cushions? The right set of cushion covers can totally transform your living space, and the good news – you are spoilt for choice in this regard! Whether you want to infuse energy into your space with a vibrant red or ocher yellow, or add a dash of suave with grey or ink blue, you cannot go wrong!

If you feel a little bolder in making changes to your décor, consider buying a velvet pouffe or a single armchair.


Of all the versatile uses of velvet in your space, velvet lamps are our pick! They are the perfect infusion of fashion without the commitment.

Place a lamp in your living room, bedroom or reading nook and watch the instant transformation. Since velvet is a fairly translucent fabric, the light can travel either upwards or downwards, based on how you place the fabric. If you pick the right colour to complement your décor – the result is breathtaking!


There is something to be said about the plush decadence of a full length velvet curtain and the opulence it brings to your room! While a fully laid out dining table with deep blue floor length curtains or a bedroom with earthy brown tones does sound appealing, we recommend you don’t get out your tape measures just yet! Velvet has the tendency of being highly visible and has strong colour retention so we suggest you look for simple and tassle free options to prevent it from becoming over dramatic or overbearing.

The best part about velvet is that like wine, it only gets better with age! After a few years of use, it tends to develop a rich patina, and a little wear giving it a timeless appeal. So don’t be afraid to really live it in, and rest assured you have a piece of decor that will withstand any change in trend!

01 May 2021


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