Retrofitting homes for the Bold-erly

The elderly are bold, tenacious, fiercely independent, and full of spirit. However, as they age, some home renovations and modifications can enhance their lifestyles. Ergonomic remodeling and thoughtful inclusion make homes for the elderly more convenient and accessible. Homes for seniors need to reflect an environment of calm, safety, and undisputed care. In that regard, some home builders in Chennai are cognizant of the needs of the elderly, and deliver designs that are senior-friendly.

Up and about

Safety is paramount. Providing ramps and railings with grips, reinforced with slip-prevention mechanisms, structured around daily movement patterns can create a safe space for the elderly. Additionally, clutter-free passages with ample lighting will proactively prevent accidents, especially for those who are a fall-risk. Seniors with mobility aids will also need wide doors and hallways, for them to pass through without bumping against walls.


The bathroom is a place that necessarily needs to provide comfort, privacy, and ease. It is essential to install raised toilet seats, preferably with ergonomically placed handles and railings to support mobility. Well-ventilated bathrooms ensure that water dries up quickly, preventing slips and falls, More space for movement, barrier-free pathways, and drip mats enable for smooth journeys to and from the bathroom.

Lighten it up

Lighting is an important accessory to harmonious living. With age, sensory perceptions require aid to cope with the environment. Ensuring areas are well-lit through a blend of natural and artificial lighting, with focus on corners and transitory spaces, makes for well-acquainted places with more getting around, and less feeling around.

Everything around

Smart homes are those that have lighting and other equipment such as heating and cooling systems, sensor-enabled light technologies, entertainment systems and IoT (Internet of things)- powered appliances connected to each other. These devices communicate with each other, and are remotely operated by mobile phones or tablet devices. Home monitoring systems, proofed by smart locks and access equipment with mobile-based apps ensure comfort and peace not just for the elderly, but also for their family knowing that their beloved are safe. Most flats in Chennai are security-staffed, but a smart home offers an additional layer of protection, including SOS and emergency facilities.

Where the feet land

Whether walking with mobility equipment or without, it is important to check that the floors are not glossy and slippery, but scored and firm, so as to prevent slippages and balance the feet steadily on the floor. Rugs and mats give a lot of chances for tripping and falling, and it would work better if they are replaced by suction-based rubber or anti-skid mats. For a permanent solution, anti-skid tiling could be installed, along with ledge-free doors and railing-supported ramps to replace staircases (or even a single step).

15 Dec 2021


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