Luxury for Less

You can make your home into a luxurious retreat without breaking the bank. Luxury is a matter of style and sensibility, not so much about expensive décor and fixtures. There are a multitude of options you can use to achieve that desired look for your home at an economical scale. When it comes to brass tacks, keep in mind that coordinating space is everything. Here are some steps to get you started:


Lighting and colour is everything. Past the entryway, your hall gives an immediate impression. You can start with a shoe rack with a cushion seat for comfort, like this one here ( Indoor plants improve the aesthetic sensibilities of any place. Make sure the curtains are complementary to the furniture colour. Lighter colour tones are visually more pleasing. If you have a décor you want to show off, consider buying wall panels such as this one (, to highlight it.

Kitchen and Dining

You don’t have to have a modular kitchen to make the space look luxurious. Decide what’s going to be on display and what’s not. If you have a kitchen leading to a dining space, make sure the spaces are in harmony with each other. Mosaics and tiles ( are your best friends in designing your kitchen wall. If you want the wooden finish, opt for veneer panels to give the desired look. Avoid anything plastic on your dining table as it might look too kitschy, if the rest of your house is done up in luxe. It helps if the dining table has a similar tone as your kitchen panels. A cosy overhead lighting can cast a warm glow for those fancy dinner evenings.


This is the ultimate statement of luxury. Bathrooms are a space for relaxing and unwinding, so make sure the aesthetics are in accordance with your personal taste. Scented candles in lavender and rose are commonly preferred for a sense of wellbeing. Colour coordinated bathroom accessories are available online (, which can give a visual harmony in this space. Spider plants require very little sunlight, so go ahead place them in a corner of your bathroom. Also, mirrors are always a good idea.


Fancy cushions are the ultimate go to accessory in comfort and style. Install lights that are pleasing to the eye and, bright enough to not make the room look too drab. Vanity lights at the dresser can turn the luxury quotient up a couple of notches. When it comes to tapestry, comfort is as important as colour is. Canopy curtains for the bed are a classic way to spruce up the room. (

Luxury is more than just the physical elements, form has to be guided by utility and function for you to feel truly luxurious. There are no rules to luxury, make sure you like what you’re seeing. Share with us your home makeover stories in the comments box, below.


10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Hotel

10 Dec 2021


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