Hacks for Pest Control at Home That Banish Unwanted House Guests

Isn’t it frustrating when you regularly clean your home, but find that the pesky ants, rats, mosquitoes and flies return soon after? Not only are they uninvited guests, they also spread filth and disease like malaria, dengue, salmonella, yellow fever and many more. But, these hacks for pest control at home can keep your flats in Chennai bug free for a long time.

Pest Control at Home #1: Dust & Sweep Everyday

Sweep and dust your house without fail every single day. Most pests thrive in the dirt and grime. A clean home is the best and easiest way to reduce their presence. Also mop the floors with a disinfectant floor cleaner at least once a week, or more, depending on the foot traffic in your home.

Pest Control at Home #2: Care for Your Kitchen

Dirty dishes are a buffet for your pests.

Cockroaches, flies and lizards live off food particles left on countertops, stove nooks and sink drains. After every meal, give your kitchen counters a quick swipe with a disinfectant or a DIY vinegar solution and do not leave dishes in the sink every night.

Pest Control at Home #3: Vacuum the Mattress & Upholstery

Do you wake up to itchy, bite marks on your body? Then you might be sharing your bed with bed bugs. To prevent an infestation, regularly vacuum the bed as well any other upholstered chair or couch. Make sure to vacuum the underside of the bed. If you already have an infestation, then air out your mattress and pillows under the sun or soak them in hot water to kill the bugs.

Pest Control at Home #4: Check For Leaky Faucets

Everyone and everything on earth needs to stay hydrated to survive…even bugs.

A leaking tap or a hose is like a magnet for moisture-loving pets like cockroaches and centipedes. To maintain a pest-free flat in Chennai, fix any and all leaks as soon as possible.

Pest Control at Home #5: Seasonal Checks

Pests enter your home through cracks in the system. Routinely inspecting your furniture, fixtures and plumbing for signs of deterioration and fixing any issues can help you keep pests at bay.

Now that we’ve taken a look at how to prevent an infestation, let’s look into ways to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Pests #1: Home Remedies

You don’t need to bring out harsh chemicals everytime you encounter a pest. Here are a few organic and affordable ways to keep pests away.

  • Spray affected areas with essential oil sprays such as peppermint for rodents, clove oil for bugs, spearmint for ants, etc.
  • Sprinkling salt around doors and windows can also keep ants away.
  • Lemon or lime juice is a spider repellant as well as an effective cleanser.

How to Get Rid of Pests #2: Plants for Pest Control

While basil and citronella repel mosquitoes and flies, beetles and bugs steer clear of peppermint. The right herbs and plants can help you keep your enemy at bay, so choose your home garden wisely.

How to Get Rid of Pests #3: Professional Care

Have the pests gotten the better of you? Then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Take the help of licensed, professional and experienced pest control service to treat your home. You can also get a contract for periodic maintenance if necessary.

Did you find these tips helpful? What are your stories of tackling pests at home? Let us know in the comments below.

15 Dec 2021


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