Design Trends in Modern Construction: Crafting Real Homes


In the practical world of modern construction, where blueprints meet bricks, we explore the tangible art of blending functionality with aesthetics. This isn’t just about curb appeal; it's about homes designed for the realities of everyday life.

The Marriage of Form and Function

Contemporary construction, for us, is more than a visual affair. Every architectural nuance is purpose-driven. From kitchen layouts that make sense to living spaces that adapt, our designs reflect the needs of real lives in every square foot. We have found the right balance between the traditional principles of architecture that lend a timelessness to homes and the contemporary principles of construction that ensure each home is not just a space to thrive in, but a landscape on which countless legacies are built.

Sustainability as a Design Imperative

Sustainability isn’t a trend—it's a commitment. Our choice of eco-friendly materials isn’t just about being green; it’s about crafting homes that last. Without compromising on safety and robustness, we have identified and incorporated energy-efficient practices that compound in benefits over time. Advanced, modern systems of lighting, waterworks, ventilation and more, ensure not just lower bills but a future-proof living space that stands strong against time.

Smart Technology Integration

Step into the homes we build, and you'll find technology seamlessly integrated for genuine convenience. From smart thermostats that save on energy costs to security systems that prioritize your family’s safety, every detail is about making your life easier.

Open Concept Living

Beyond glossy magazine spreads, open concept living in our constructions is about real-life functionality. It’s not just about wide spaces; it's about creating areas where family bonds and daily chaos coexist harmoniously. It’s about real homes, not picture-perfect illusions.

However, an important caveat that must also be discussed is that for the modern individual, ultimate balance is only achieved when open concept living in a home is complemented with thoughtfully designed private spaces as well.

Biophilic Design for Well-being

The biophilic design movement is gathering steam as the globe becomes increasingly aware of the concretization of urban centres. The clear mental, physical and spiritual benefits of being close to nature are at the core of this design philosophy. Covid only served to accelerate the progress with more people realising that having plants in their home, simply made them feel less alone.

Modern construction practices, especially the ones we follow at Appaswamy, seek to quickly replace the concrete jungle with an urban jungle. In our recent projects, there is a clear indication of our commitment to the creation of spaces where modern amenities coexist with nature. From a 71% green cover at Clover by the River, to the upcoming vertical gardens at Altezza, and the unhindered green views at Parkhouse Mews, each development leverages the unique surroundings to amplify the biophilic effect.

One of the cornerstones of the Appaswamy philosophy is to go where our customers want to be ahead of them, and ensure that we deliver only the best lifestyle to them when they arrive. In the realm of construction, our commitment is straightforward—build real spaces for real lives, nailing the basics and evolving with the real needs of people.


23 Jan 2024

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