Clover By the River - an inside look through the Architect's Eye

There is a new ‘golden ratio’ in town, and its address is Clover by The River! With the green cover to building ratio at 71:29, this property breaks the illusion that towering apartment complexes necessarily ruin picturesque views. In some cases, they are the view.

In this blog, we get candid with architect Siddarth Money, the Executive Director of KSM Architecture, and the man behind Clover, premium apartments in Chennai. His design ideology is driven by his belief that architecture and landscape are two sides of the same coin. They can’t be separated but should be intelligently integrated for a better experience.

Let’s take a closer look at Clover, through the architect’s eyes!

Clover – by the city

When you think of high energy places like the Madras Club, Boat Club, stunning art cafes, or a bustling main road, you don’t imagine greenery and tranquillity. But Siddarth has managed to expertly blend the two.” We have worked carefully on how the building meets the ground with large landscaped community areas, open double-height veranda spaces and amenities dominating the foreground,” he says.

The specifications promote clean and uncluttered spatial design, with views of the various landmarks that makes Chennai unique. “Framing these views with the staggered bay windows and the balconies is one of the features that gives Clover an interesting visual play,” he adds.

Clover - by the river

The banks of the Adyar offer more than just a pretty view! It is home to some indigenous species of birds and is an ecosystem by itself. Siddarth Money wanted to give you an experience where you might wake up to the dulcet sounds of a hummingbird or enjoy a hot cuppa with a deer!

"A location that faces the river with long-range views and vistas in all directions is a rarity in the heart of the city. This is definitely one of the things that make Clover special," says Siddarth.

However, with the alluring river view, comes the challenge of keeping the building safe from flooding. But Siddarth Money has ensured that this won’t be a concern. "As we have 4 basement levels, we have raised the overall site level to 9 feet above the road level ensuring there is no risk in case the river were to flood its banks," he states.

Clover - by your side

Enjoy a brisk morning walk with your friend, a relaxing swim in the pool with the fam, or even party in style at the banquet hall – our architect has made sure that you can do all this and much more with world-class amenities at Clover by The River. "The objective has always been to have a cheerful and well-balanced home that is well ventilated and well lit with natural light," adds Mr. Money.

These new apartments for sale in Adyar offer you a home with a unique blend of nature's splendour and sophisticated luxury.

12 Oct 2021


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