Building a better future with sustainable homes in Chennai

In 2023, all of us, particularly the younger generation, are becoming a more socially and environmentally conscious group. Millennials and Gen Z are conscious of their ecological footprint. Therefore, as they enter the realty market, they look for sustainability built into their residences. Green features are not just a niche anymore. Builders in Chennai and across the world are working to embrace the ethos of an eco-friendly lifestyle and satiate this growing demand for sustainable homes. In this regard, sustainability is slowly becoming a key part of every process in the industry.

Sustainable Design

In general, apartments have a smaller ecological footprint than individual homes. There is now an emerging style of home designs seen in Properties in Chennai, where there is a strong focus on structural durability, energy efficiency, ventilation, etc. Open plan living is also popular amongst modern homeowners as it consumes far less materials while providing the most optimum amount of floor space. When planning sustainable homes in Chennai, today’s architects even consider designing the space around trees rather than uprooting them from the build site. This creates interesting dwellings that blend the boundaries of nature and man-made structures.

Sustainable Material

Since modern homeowners expect fully insulated and energy efficient dwellings, real estate developers are more conscious of picking the right materials. Rather than following the latest trend, the developers now choose materials that best suit the local weather. For instance, cool ceramic or marble flooring suit tropical conditions while hardwood is more popular in temperate homes for its thermal properties.

FSC certified wooden furniture, antique and reclaimed wood fixtures are becoming en vogue by the day. People are also mindful of indoor air-quality and choose to avoid toxic paint chemicals. This has seen a raise in sustainablhome interiors painted eco-friendly, VOC-free paints.

Sustainable Energy Consumption  

Apartment builders in Chennai must necessarily incorporate rainwater harvesting. But with the more energy-conscious population, modern homes need proper insulation and have to be certified for energy efficiency. Therefore, builders often adopt energy-efficient appliances, HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, etc., in apartments. Automated landscape irrigation is also a common feature in new townships. Some even go to the extent of installing a solar power system.

Sustainable Amenities

Parks and walkways are another common feature within gated communities. Most properties in Chennai even come with balconies that transform into a beautiful private garden. The green cover at Clover takes up 70% of the allocated plot to give our residents a sanguine garden retreat at their doorstep. 


Our latest project at Appaswamy is a culmination of all the above sustainable practices and boasts a low ecological footprint. This urban village is designed with a concept of taking responsibility for our role in making a greener future for the next generation. Therefore we’ve created an architecture that is both graceful and better for the environment.

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15 Dec 2021


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