Are you ready to go back to normal?

The second wave of the pandemic is ebbing and society is slowly returning to normalcy. However, for many of us, the desperate search for oxygen cylinders and hospital beds still rings fresh in our minds, and we may not be ready to reenter society quite so soon. Especially because it is hard to unlearn the habits that have become almost second nature over the past year and a half. But, we cannot let our fears hold us back. This checklist with simple steps can help us ease out of our apartments in Chennai.

Get Jabbed

After undergoing myriad tests and being vetted by the world’s leading medical research institutions and scientists, the vaccines available to us today can drastically help reduce the impact of the virus. We recommend reading official medical research on the available vaccines, and choosing the one with the best results in your area or region.

It is natural to worry more for the sake of others such as our elderly parents, relatives, or immuno-compromised friends than for ourselves. That is why we should also actively encourage the people in your life and your community to take the needle as well.

Stay Appropriately Masked

Our government still recommends keeping our facemasks on even after vaccination. Make sure to wear effective face masks like surgical masks or an N95 mask even when you are meeting other vaccinated people.

Take It Slow

You don’t have to rush out just because the rest of the world is doing so. Instead, venture out at your own pace and take it as slow as you need to. Start by spending a few minutes walking around your flats in Chennai with a trusted apartment friend! This way, you can soak up some vitamin D and brush up your socializing skills at the same time.

Intimate gatherings like a rooftop picnic with a few other neighbours who are also working their way out of self-isolation can also be a great way to reduce your fear of the outside world. Appaswamy residents at Trellis or Splendour can take advantage of the private theatres within your complex and catch a blockbuster movie with your friends.

Talk It Out

Sometimes all our problems fade away when we spell them out. Therefore, whether it is social anxiety or concerns about the possibility of a third wave of the pandemic, voice your concerns and apprehensions to the ones you trust. Make sure your friends and family are aware of your feelings, as they can help you navigate through them, and ease your issues.

However, if the thought of returning to normal feels utterly dreadful and takes you to the verge of a panic attack, then consider getting professional help. Many mental health care professionals now offer one-on-one online sessions. There are also helplines and platforms like Sukh-Dukh* where you can connect with experienced grief counselors.

If you know other ways to ease post-pandemic stress? DM and let us know.

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11 Oct 2021


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