8 Best Gifts for New Homeowners

The excitement of signing the final paperwork and owning a new home is unique. Typically the culmination of a long process that began months in advance, moving day is a major milestone worthy of celebration. Whether it’s a friend, a family member or a colleague throwing a housewarming party, a thoughtful gift is sure to put a smile on their face.

Here are some nifty gift ideas to ensure you never go empty handed to a housewarming party!

1. Potted plants

Plants can really liven up a room. Additionally, their textures can also add a different dimension to a room. Make sure you choose one that grows well without the need for too much sunlight and if they have pets, pick a pet friendly variety like a money plant. Bonsai plants are growing in popularity in Chennai too!

2. A painting

Paintings from local artisans make for truly unique gifts. Gifting paintings may seem cliche but the act is as timeless as the art itself. Paintings that are reflective of your friend or colleague’s passions and interests are nice options. If your friend or colleague has a place they often talk about or is memorable for the both of you then a painting of that location would make for a great gift.

Another option is to gift a portrait of the new house. Especially relevant for independent homes, custom house portraits are growing in popularity and a painting or a drawing of their home could be one way to enrich a living space.

3. A tool kit

Simple yet thoughtful - a tool kit is the perfect gift to help with those all important repairs at home. Multi-tool sets or step ladders can also be useful for all their DIY projects as well.

4. Engraved cutting boards

Generally, kitchen items as gifts are quite common. Although wine or shot glasses instantly spring to mind for many, cutting boards engraved with something meaningful, on the other hand, may not. A wooden cutting board engraved with the date your friend or colleague moved in, or if you are gifting it to a couple, engraving the date on which they met, could make for a really thoughtful gift.

5. A wine rack

Most homes don’t come with a built-in wine cellar so treat your friend or colleague to a wine rack. Choose one with a minimal design so that it blends with the most interior decor. Good wine racks also keep the wine tipped towards the cork which prevents it from drying out.

6. Hand soaps

This could be your go-to option if you really want to keep things simple. Go beyond the mainstream brands and choose one from a luxury brand that is hand crafted and uses eco-friendly ingredients. Fancy soaps that smell great and leave their hands feeling silky might not be high up on the list of things they buy when moving in.

7. A de-stress basket

If you feel top-of-the-line soap isn’t going to cut it, then an entire goody basket containing fancy lotions, shampoos, body washes and scented candles might! A gift perfectly suited to help your friend or colleague unwind after the stresses of moving in.

8. A kettle

While pots, pans and cutlery are the first things homeowners think of when they move into a new place, a kettle may not be high on their list. A kettle is an ideal option, if you are gifting it to a family member who loves to enjoy an evening tea on the front porch.

That’s it for our list! If you have ideas or suggestions for other gift ideas, do let us know!

03 Jan 2023


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