3 ways to make moving easier for kids

Milestone events like moving to a new home, fill us with a giddy sense of excitement. However, our children may experience it quite differently. For them, relocating can feel like being uprooted from their ecosystem.

This is why we must prepare kids for the move and turn a potentially disruptive experience into a positive one.

Communication is key

Once you know you are moving, have a family sit-down to openly discuss the decision with everyone. Share your reasons for taking this big step, help your kids grasp your purpose for relocating and highlight the things the whole family can benefit from the move.

Be understanding if your children are not immediately thrilled by the news. Some may worry about losing their classmates and neighbourhood friends, while others will worry they’ll have to leave their toys behind. By knowing what upsets them, you can find the best way to comfort them, soothe their worries, and maybe offer a resolution as well!

New adventures and memories await

Before the move, try to visit the new house and neighbourhood. This can be done virtually too, through photos and videos of the house, and online maps of surrounding areas. This helps kids visualise their new life in a new home.

It can also be helpful to paint verbal pictures of the new memories and rituals you’ll be able to create. Share your ideas for some family downtime, like picnics in parks, drives to the beach, and potential weekend play dates at your new home with old friends.

Talk about the amenities available at your new place to create an air of excitement as well. For instance, our flats for sale in Chennai come with indoor games, playgrounds, rooftop swimming pools, mini home theatres, and a clubhouse. Your kids will never run out of things they’ll want to do!

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Whether it’s a couple of streets away or to a whole new city altogether, moving entails several different decisions. What items do you take and which ones do you throw away? Should you take this opportunity to upgrade your furniture and appliances?

Include your kids in all these decisions to declutter, reorganize, and redecorate the new house. It will give them a sense of control that they may not feel otherwise.

If you have teenagers, then consider brainstorming decor ideas with them. You can even have them create Pinterest boards for their bedroom and work together to bring their vision to life. It will get them to view the move as something to look forward to!

Start a new life, king-size

Your family and you deserve the best. With amenities abound and homes encased in greenery, you’ll settle right into the lap of luxury and comfort at our new flats for sale in Chennai! Contact us to know more.

07 Oct 2021


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