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If you want to spot a person who really enjoys the finer things that life has to offer, look at the small, infinitesimal, everyday objects in their home. It’s the little things that truly offer the most joy. If your ardent love for luxury is combined with a passion to find it in the smaller things, then this blog is just for you!

Goodearth, for a home that speaks for itself

A Goodearth living room is ALL that you need to make a statement. Start by lighting up the side tables with the gorgeously designed Ziya Votives, to set the mood just right. The Aria Gallery Tray makes for the perfect centerpiece to your coffee table.

Line your plush couch with the Hajjra Dupion Silk Cushion, and complement it by draping the walls with the intricate designs of the Charbagh Bagh E Fiza wallcovering. The perfect cherry to top it all off? The Fergana Hanging Lantern. There you have it – your hall of fame!

Nicobar, for a decked up dining experience

With Nicobar’s dining collection, your dinner party will certainly be the talk of the town. Russian salads will find their home in gorgeously set Dot Shallow Bowls, served using Sitara Salad servers. Tumble hors d’oeuvres into the Mirage Chip & Dip Platter, and place it on the coffee table, along with dainty napkins.

The Diamantina Glass, filled with your signature fruit punch, will surely elevate the flavours of the drink. Once you’ve picked out your favourite dining pieces, tie it all in with this Banana Fibre Runner, to make for a wholesome experience!

If you are looking to curate your dream luxury home from scratch, check out these exciting new projects in Chennai to find the perfect canvas.

Cottons and Satins, for the boudoir

Infuse your bedroom with a splash of living coral toned accessories. This Pantone’s Colour of the Year is all about intimacy and connection. Cottons and Satins’ Santorini bedding set, with its soft pastel hues and candy stripes, will have you achieve this.

Underscore the cool shades of your cushions and throw pillows with the neutral colour and minimalistic style of the Mojave rug. Go the distance and top it off with the evocative fragrance of the Mediterranean Blue Reed Diffuser, which bottles up the sweet scents of seaside getaways and warm spring days, to bring a playful vibe into your bedroom.

Nappadori, for trips that mix both work and travel

Travel opens up whole new worlds, and along with it, your imagination. What better way to capture your thoughts, and cherish the beauty of your travel experience than to pen it down? Nappa Dori’s Organiser – Tan, in elegant beige, with soft genuine leather, is the perfect handy cover for your cards, pens, and paper. And it comes with a log book, of course.

Then, there is the Orbit Pouch – Tan for all your pocket sized necessities. What we love the most though, is the popping green and antique feel of the versatile Grenadier II – Forest Green, which screams suitable for both work and play.

There may be a handful options for you when it comes to luxury flats in Chennai, but it is only when you pay attention to such little details, do you create a home that is truly yours. If you are curious about what’s new in luxury in the city, check out Clover By The River, premium residences at Kotturpuram. You can now kickstart your “Kottur Kingdom” in this Chennai’s posh locality.

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