Mar 2021

Luxury & Community: Altezza delivers on all fronts

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Heightened security, top-of-the-line amenities, privacy, tranquil surroundings, and greener spaces are only secondary to the sense of belonging that comes with living in a gated community. Altezza offers an unmatched lifestyle in Chennai – one that’s deliberately designed to bring people together! 

Where Ancient India meets contemporary chic

New projects in Chennai

Altezza’s facade takes inspiration from ancient Indian architecture that’s prevalent across Western India. Each residential block has a series of stepped vertical parks that ascend towards a communal garden on the rooftop. These are perfect for an evening tête-à-tête with your neighbours, and come with allotted spaces for urban farming. 

Thoughtfully-placed amenities 

Our flagship project comes loaded with amenities. But what makes this property different from other luxury flats in Chennai is the way these amenities are spread out. Each floor has a unique amenity, such as a yoga pavilion or department store. This encourages residents of all floors to mingle with each other, deepening the social bonds within the gated community. 

Neighbours who workout together stay together 

Have you ever made plans to start a fitness regimen with your bestie only to have a hectic schedule get in the way? Not to mention the endless traffic, and long commutes. Our new apartments in OMR come loaded with world-class fitness arrangements like a fully equipped gym, international standard subtle court, and more. Turn neighbours into fitness partners and you can transform Altezza into a healthier place to be.

Unwind in unison

Neighbourhood groups are not just for rigorous cardio workouts. Gather together and slow down the pace. You can stretch away the stress at the tranquil yoga pavilion in our new apartments in OMR. You could also take advantage of our inviting pool that’s perfect for a summer evening pool party. 

The more the merrier

We’ve curated many more ways to create a community-based lifestyle in Chennai. You can binge-watch your favourite movie with your friends at our mini theatre or host a celebratory meal at our banquet hall. To ensure all your guests are well taken care of, we also have guest suites for overnight visitors, so they can enjoy your hospitality 24/7! You will be spoilt for choice at our luxury flats in Chennai

So what are you waiting for? Let’s break bread with our neighbours today! To schedule a site visit: https://appaswamy.com/property/altezza/ 

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