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Mornings at Apartments in OMR

A chill morning breeze wafts through your apartment in OMR, bringing in the scent of the sea and the rain from the night before. You wake up to the view of a sprawling cityscape. 

Apartments in OMR

Looking out the balcony, you see that your jogging group has already gathered, so you too make your way to the lush walking track to start the day with a bit of light cardio.

After jogging to warm up your body, you’re ready for heavier workouts. The fitness centre is your next stop. A few minutes of chit-chat with the gym trainer and you’re ready to take on the weights. 

New apartments in OMR

Finally, it’s time to make your way back home. As soon as you reach your living room, you sink into the couch for a few minutes of rest. Dad is already here to fight you for the TV remote.

2BHK apartments in Chennai

A delicious aroma beckons you to the kitchen. This morning, it is your sibling’s turn to prepare breakfast and he’s making Maggie! 

Apartments in OMR

After the coffee, it’s finally time to jump in the shower and get ready for the day ahead. Usually, work is just a few minutes away. However today, you need to travel to the other side of the city for a meeting. So, it’s time to head to the metro that is just a short stroll away.

Evenings at Apartments in OMR

Coming home to an empty fridge is the worst feeling in the world. So you pop into Superette, the luxury shopping mall right outside your home, to stock up on groceries and snacks for the next few weeks.

Apartments in OMR

Hard work needs to be rewarded with something fun. After coming back home from work, you join your friends for a movie at the private mini theatre. 

Apartments in OMR

Finally it’s time to wind down in style. Dive into the pool and cool yourself after a hot day before heading back to bed.

This is just a glimpse at life at Splendour – luxury apartments in OMR that tower majestically over lush greenery. Built in Chennai’s most happening neighbourhood, Splendour homes boast a large foyer, spacious rooms and a balcony that offers resplendent views of the city. A home here also brings you closer to myriad work and entertainment opportunities as it is right next to the city’s major IT companies as well as restaurants and resorts.

Embrace the urban lifestyle and live life to your fullest at Splendour.

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