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Leak-Free Homes for a Stress-Free Life

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In the central and southern states of India, where the summers are most unforgiving, the monsoon brings much needed respite. But our homes, on the other hand, may not be thrilled at the onset of the rainy season. There is a greater risk of water damage and higher levels of humidity, thereby leading to mold and mildew. Without proper ventilation, this can cause structural damage or lead to health issues. In this blog, we give you our top 3 tips for home maintenance that will ensure both you and your home are primed for the rainy days.

Watch Out for Water Damage

Blistering paint and cracks on the wall, short circuit in your plug points, damaged floor tiles and swelling plasterboards… These are casualties of the war waged by water. However, it is not enough if you just patch things up. You need to also make sure the underlying issue is also fixed. For instance, you must repaint the room, and address the humidity causing your paint to bubble up and blister. Typically properties in Chennai have small windows that improve cross ventilation and prevent paint bubbles and blisters.

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Strengthen Your First Layer of Defense

Builders in Chennai ensure water flows away from your home by installing gutters and downspouts. Clear the dirt, leaves and other debris to unclog your drain pipes. Weather-proof your exterior walls with a coat of water-resistant paint. If leaky walls and ceilings still plague your home, consider installing a waterproofing membrane to act as a barrier between rain water and your home.

Here’s another one of our top tips for home maintenance to prevent rainwater from seeping inside: Switch out your fabric-based window treatments such as curtains to waterproof alternatives like vinyl, venetian or faux wood blinds.

Clear the Weeds and Algae

Wet monsoon days encourage the growth of weed, moss and algae on your terrace. This causes moisture retention, eventually leading to mold build up. While you can easily prune the weeds, algae and moss are more hardy. You need to clean your roof thoroughly and seal all cracks with a waterproof sealant. Also add a layer of a water-repellent shield on the terrace floors for extra protection. 

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These are our top 3 tips for home maintenance during the monsoon. We’d love to know how you prepare for the season. Comment below and let us know.

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