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The thrill of a busy day, ‘with constantly swinging office doors and a steady stream of customers excited to see their future homes’, is how Kumaravelu, a promising Sales Manager at Appaswamy, describes his ideal workday. His popularity among customers and his cheerful presence make it plain to see that he adores his job. With a background in aviation, Kumaravelu’s journey into the real estate world was anything but typical.

An entirely self-made man, Kumaravelu began his journey in real estate as a freelancer, when he buckled down and taught himself about the industry, on-the-job. The growing market for premium apartments in Chennai piqued his interest, and a big break from Appaswamy in 2014 set the ball rolling on his real estate career in luxury apartments. He is currently the sales manager for Trellis, a series of high-end flats for sale in Vadapalani, and shares that he is proud to be involved in Appaswamy’s awe-inspiring projects.

Perhaps what surprised Kumaravelu most, at the beginning of his real estate career, was how his aviation training would translate so well to the world of real estate. He speaks fondly of the day he was interviewed at Appaswamy when he was chosen specifically for his experience in aviation, and not despite it.

Today, he spends his time wearing many hats and plays a part in everything from customer relations, operations, and sales, to overseeing apartment maintenance. He commends the organisation for this role since it has given him diverse experience and comprehensive knowledge to handle customers better. Every day as a Sales Manager is eventful, and he shares how he meets a multitude of people including aspiring college students, sneaky competitors, spellbound prospects, and of course, loyal returning customers.

Despite working with the company for five years, Kumaravelu says the allure of the luxury real estate world will always remain, and he foresees many more happy years with Appaswamy, doing what he loves.

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