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An ever-increasing diversity in the urban workforce has utterly revamped the real estate space. Young professionals want homes that suit their dynamic lifestyles. In Chennai, builders are creating integrated townships to accommodate this growing need, with a number of apartments in Vadapalani, Kotturpuram, OMR and other hotspots emerging in this clustered community pattern. 

Why Integrated Townships?

Integrated townships are the answer to many challenges of urbanization: they work around overpopulated and under-planned cities by creating mini-cities of their own! An apartment in an integrated township can give you the urban lifestyle you desire without the associated shortcomings of urbanization. 

  • Mini Cities with Better Access

The design of integrated townships is such that they provide access to essential infrastructure at arms’ length. From schools and hospitals to financial services, all are located close to home. For many, walking to work becomes a reality. Imagine all the things you can do with the hours you steal away from traffic jams! Integrated townships provide these benefits while ensuring you do not have to skimp on luxury residential amenities. Appaswamy’s Bloomingdale has a shopping center to fulfil your retail needs while Capella brings nature to your doorstep! 

  • Holistic Living

Instead of cramped concrete buildings, integrated townships offer open spaces, gardens, walking and jogging tracks, and more inclusive community areas that encourage better living. Sustainability is often an important component of design. Appaswamy’s Capella, for instance, has a water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and a rainwater harvesting system. The township is lined with trees, landscaped gardens. The place is so abuzz with greenery; the residents even get a breathtaking tropical rooftop garden. Urban convenience set amidst nature – it’s the best of both worlds!  

  • Hi-Tech Security

Safe homes are a priority for families. Integrated townships provide the best security among comparable residential spaces. In addition to a security guard and CCTV surveillance, most townships employ other state-of-the-art security mechanisms such as access-controlled entryways, intercom systems, and video surveillance. All of Appaswamy’s townships have the best security systems in place to ensure none of the residents have to lose any sleep over safety concerns. 

  • Luxury Redefined 

Apartments for sale in Chennai
Swimming pool at Appaswamy’s Capella on Arcot Road

Apart from outdoor luxury in the form of green spaces, swimming pools, entertainment centres and community spaces, townships provide impeccable luxury indoors too. There will be 24×7 power backup, high-quality building materials used, and housekeeping services to ensure maintenance of residential buildings. All Appaswamy properties are luxury personified. Capella apartments, for instance, come with high-end vitrified or marbonite tiles, weather-proof walls, and anti-rotting bathroom doors that preserve newness of your home even after years of living. 

  • A Sense of Community 

One of the biggest advantages of integrated townships is that they provide readymade communities. Human beings are social creatures. We find safety and solace among a group of people we connect with. Integrated communities allow you to find a reliable community naturally, through interaction in shared spaces like the fitness center, clubhouse or the theatre. 

Living Life King Size

Mixed-use properties and integrated townships are an evolving concept. Tapping into their comfort and luxury at the beginning of the curve can not only give you access to a luxurious lifestyle earlier on, but can also prove to be a smart investment decision. 

Make one of the 284 Capella apartments in Vadapalani your home and live the new-age urban life in Chennai right away! 

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