How to Have a Blast This Diwali

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Diwali celebrations are just around the corner. It’s time for warm lights, cosy nights and a blast of colour. But, can we truly celebrate when work has taken over our apartments in Chennai

While working from home, our days are spent chasing deadlines; glued to our laptops for hours. Diwali is an excellent excuse to step away for a little bit and focus on other important things in life.

Figure out what you like

Since the boundaries between work and personal life have blurred, we’ve forgotten about our passions. So spend this holiday exploring new activities and hobbies to figure out what puts a smile on your face.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Don the master chef hat

Splendour, Semmenchery, OMR

What is a festival without a scrumptious feast? Diwali celebrations call for all things sweet and savoury. Take advantage of the spacious kitchens in Appaswamy apartments to flex your creativity and cook up a storm. Whether you make comfort food or try out new recipes, you’re sure to make your heart as well as your taste buds very happy.

Get crafty

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Every house wears a uniquely festive look during Diwali. From painting diyas to match your decor to designing paper lanterns, try your hand at DIY to enhance your aesthetic. In our apartments in Chennai, you can also kindle a bout of friendly competition within the community.

Do a digital detox

In 2020, life has gone completely online. But it is good to disconnect from the virtual world de-stress in the company of friends and family. The clubhouse at all Appaswamy apartments in Chennai are an excellent place to chill. At Splendour and Clover, you can also rejuvenate your soul by taking a meditative walk down the tree-lined tracks. 

Share the joy

Sharing joy and happiness is part of the spirit of this festival. Since nothing brings people together quite like food, potlucks are essential during Diwali celebrations. It unites the community, one dish at a time. If you’re a resident at our apartments in Chennai, make use of the banquet halls to get together and know thy neighbour.

Those are some of our ideas to add a bit more sparkle to this festive season. What do your Diwali celebrations look like? 

Wishing you all a safe, happy and prosperous Diwali!

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