Mar 2021

The Undeniable Benefits Of Owning A Home

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Freedom, security, and a good environment for the kids, are all auxiliary perks of owning a home. When your home is in one of the best apartments in Chennai, the rewards are manifold!

Perks of home-ownership

Let’s break down what ‘home’ represents to most people – a space to call their own, a happy place, a statement of wealth or a tangible measure of their success. But beyond all this, there are significant benefits to owning a home.


There’s a quote that reads, “the ultimate goal of any goal is peace of mind.” Buying a house is one of the few decisions that can have a profound, positive impact on the psyche. Having a space that you can claim as your own brings an immeasurable amount of satisfaction.

Then, there’s also the pride of ownership. We hustle, spend and save, to ensure a good, sturdy roof over our head. Thus, having a home in one of the most beautiful properties in Chennai – one of India’s most competitive cities, is an indispensable mark of success.

A home also offers you the freedom to do as you please. It’s where you let loose and express your truest self. From gleefully hanging art on the walls to practicing the trumpet every night, you are free to make unquestioned choices when you live in your own home.


It’s a common misconception that home ownership is a burden on the wallet. But if you look closely, you’ll find that you actually stand to gain on an investment.

Appreciation of assets over time: The real estate sector is constantly growing. It is the one investment that is almost guaranteed to appreciate over time.

Increasing Equity: Equity is the difference between the original value and debt. As you pay your loan, or the value of the property increases your equity in the property will also simultaneously increase.

Rent-free lifestyles: Rent accounts for a significant portion of your income that gets spent every month. When you have a place of your own, you can spend that money on yourself or it can go straight into your retirement savings (see point below).

Personal finance management: You can use any remaining funds to make wise investment decisions such as mutual funds, stock market, savings accounts, etc. These, in turn, help you generate more income in the form of interest.


Most new projects in Chennai are designed to deliver a fantastic living experience to their residents. A gated community typically includes access-controlled entry, 24×7 security and a close-knit community. You can’t help but feel safe within its grounds.

Such apartments also include plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people. For instance, if you are a gym-rat, then you could make your way into a fitness club and join the neighbourhood fitness group. Or, if you’d rather talk about movies and pop culture, then the mini theatre at most Appaswamy properties can be the meeting grounds for film buffs in the community. Kids can make friends and live their best childhoods at the little playgrounds dedicated to them.

The final verdict

The socio-economic and psychological benefits may take different avatars for different people, with some putting social benefits high on the pros column, and others focussing purely on the financial merits. But no one can deny the emotional appeal of a home. It’s time to find your perfect home.








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