Jun 2019

Guide to Moving to a New House, Hassle-Free

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So you’ve decided it’s time to move to a new place. Where do you go from there? 

From choosing your ideal home to packing up, and finally settling in, use our ultimate mover’s guide to help make this stressful period a whole lot simpler

Choosing a New Home

Picking the right home for your family can be exasperating, or the most enjoyable experience. Either way, here are a few essential details to pay attention to.

When looking at flats in Chennai, consider your lifestyle. Do you require a gym or pool to get your daily workouts in? Would you prefer living in a happening neighborhood, or one that makes it possible to retreat into a cocoon of quiet, after work? Are there any children in your foreseeable future, or any kids leaving home? Is this an area you want to be living in, years from now? 

These are all questions that must be answered before you commit to making a space your home. No amount of decorating or organisation can veil the daily annoyances of a space that doesn’t suit your needs.

Time to Pack Up

You did it. You’ve looked at apartments in Chennai and found your dream home. Now the real work begins. The process of moving doesn’t have to be dreaded, with some good packing tips in your arsenal.

Our single most valuable tip is to purge your home of clutter. Less stuff means less stuff to pack, which equals less work. Consider this move a gift. A new home is a fresh start. You can finally get to that ‘spring cleaning’ you’ve put off for years. Donate it, throw it away, sell it – just get your Marie Kondo on and make sure you take only what’s needed.

Coming up with an organisational system is a good idea, whether a planner, phone calendar, or even post-its. You’ll be glad everything is documented when the wheels start to fall off. Pull out that old label maker you impulsively bought and get labelling. Nothing is worse than settling down for dinner after an exhausting day of moving, only to have no idea which box the plates are in.

Settling In

Head on over to your perfectly labelled boxes and unpack like a boss. Having managed the stressful moving process so well now’s no time to rush the housewarming party. Take your time, order out if you don’t feel like cooking, and enjoy your first day in your new space.


With our ultimate guide, you’ll be making all the right moves.


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